Thanksgiving Week Schedule 2023 - Greenmarkets, Farmstands, Compost

October 12, 2023
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Thanksgiving 2023 is right around the corner and markets are abundant with all of the ingredients you need for a delicious meal. We will have some schedule changes to accommodate shopping schedules, see below.

*Market days with an asterisk mean it's a special market, rescheduled to Tuesday or Wednesday, normally held on a Thursday or Friday, so that customers have an opportunity to shop for Thanksgiving ingredients. 

And don't forget the turkey!

Food scrap and clothing collections are the same for regularly scheduled markets, there is NO food scrap or clothing collections on rescheduled market days (those with an asterisk) other than Union Square Tuesday.

Monday, 11/20:
Union Square, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 

Tuesday, 11/21: 
All regularly scheduled Compost sites are open.
Astor Place Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-5pm Last day for the season
Bowling Green Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm 
Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm  
Bronx Borough Hall Greenmarket, BX, open 8am-4pm Last day for the season
*Columbia University Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm 
Elmhurst Hospital Greenmarket, QNS, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season
Fort Washington Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm Last day for the season
Lincoln Hospital Greenmarket, BX, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season
Poe Park Greenmarket, BX, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season
*Union Sq Greenmarket (Friday producers), MHTN, open 8am-6pm (LESEC will be collecting food scraps)

Wednesday 11/22:  
All regularly scheduled Compost sites are open.
57th Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm Last day for the season
*97th Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm (NO FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION)
Bartel-Pritchard Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-2pm 
*Bowling Green Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm Last day for the season
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm 
Eastchester Farmstand, BX, open 8am-1pm Last day for the season
Flushing Greenmarket, QNS, open 8am-3pm 
Morris Heights Farmstand, BX, open 10am-2pm
Morrisania Farmstand, BX, open 9am-2:30pm 
Mount Sinai Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season 
*Parkchester Greenmarket, BX, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season (NO FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION)
Tribeca Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm Last day for the season (Wednesdays only, open year-round on Saturdays)
*Tucker Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm (NO FOOD SCRAP COLLECTION)
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 
Upper Grand Central Farmstand, MHTN, open 1:30pm-7pm
Woodhull Farmstand, BK, open 9am-2pm 

Thursday 11/23 & Friday 11/24:
All Greenmarkets and Farmstand locations closed. No clothing or food scrap collections.
**The Union Square Friday Greenmarket is closed, but Lower East Side Ecology Center will be collecting food scraps at Park and 17th Street. 

Saturday 11/25 & Sunday 11/26
Regular Greenmarket schedule Please check individual market webpages for farmer attendance.
All Food Scrap Collection sites OPEN
All Farmstand sites CLOSED 



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