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"It all starts with the choice of grain, which is first a question of place and time."
-- Karen Hess, A Century of Change in the American Loaf

Since 2009, GrowNYC has pioneered the new frontier in local food: Grains. With our partners, and through our farmers market retail program, we built the marketplace for grains grown and milled in the northeast. We are educated and connected growers, processors, bakers and chefs -- sparking a rise in demand for local grains while helping ensure the crop supply and processing infrastructure are there to meet that demand.

The evidence is clear: Grains have arrived. GrowNYC Greenmarket bakers use 65,000 pounds of local flour each month. New products made of local grains -- beer, crackers, pasta, spirits – are hitting the markets every day. Farmers are planting hundreds of new acres of grains each year. And millers are upgrading equipment to churn out more and better flours.

This site celebrates those accomplishments and gives people the tools to get involved and help grains grow!

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The latest in farming, eating, and working with grains, including upcoming events. 

Technical assistance, including videos and webinars, for farmers, bakers and processors.  

Emmer donuts, wheat beer, buckwheat pancakes, and more from Greenmarket vendors and beyond.

Find your source for local grain products and see our Northeast Grainshed Map.

We've been fostering the rebirth of regional grain production since 2004. 

More resources for knowledge-thirsty grains lovers.


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As of June 2024, all GrowNYC Zero Waste programming has ended.  Click here to find alternative zero waste resources.