Noise Publications

Publications on the Mental and Physical Health Effects of Noise, Regulating and Mitigating Noise

Impact of Noise on Health: The Divide between Policy and Science by Arline Bronzaft

Why Noise Matters by John Stewart with Arline Bronzaft, Francis McManus, Nigel Rodgers, and Val Weedon

The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Noise by Marshall Chasin, Au.D., Editor

Listen to the Raindrops by Arline Bronzaft. Illustration by Stephen Parton.
This delightful book with 15 color illustrations introduces children to the delights of every day sounds through the antics of a young mouse, and alerts them to the bad sounds that can hurt their ears. Listen to the Raindrops opens the door to noise awareness, the joy of sounds, and the need to protect our precious hearing.  Can be obtained from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection by e-mailing  A NYC DEP lesson worksheet is available here.

Neighborhood Noise and its Consequences, Special Report #3.  December 2004 by Arline Bronzaft and Gregg Van Ryzin.  Survey—December 2004. 

Neighborhood Noise and Its Consequences, Special Report #9.  January 2006 by Arline Bronzaft and Gregg Van Ryzin.  

The Noise From Wind Turbines: Potential Adverse Impacts on Children’s Well-Being. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society July 20, 2011.

Center for Hearing and Communication Archives

How City Noise is Slowly Killing You by Andrea Bartz.  Harpers Bazaar July 25, 2017.

Noise Groups

Center for Hearing and Communication Hearing rehabilitation and human services agency.
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources.
US-Citizens Aviation Watch
The Quiet Coalition
NYC Dept of Environmental Protection's Sound and Noise Education Module

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