Gardens For the Love of New York

November 29, 2022
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1 in every 16 New Yorkers lives in a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) development, few of which provide access to any sort of community green space. Home to more than 4,500 New Yorkers, the NYCHA Houses at Castle Hill in the Bronx were no exception.

In 2020, GrowNYC began organizing around a vacant 10,000-square-foot piece of land within the Castle Hill Houses. We shortly began work on a new community garden, alongside NYCHA residents and community groups.

“In the NYCHA residences, we have folks that are coming from all different walks of life. There are residents who are willing to give back, who want to make investments into the community. The Garden is essential to their quality of life," says Chantel Kemp, GrowNYC Garden Coordinator.

The space is dedicated to the late Tenant Association President and activist Roxanne Reed, who advocated tirelessly for her community and the garden.

Today, the garden is not only a place where residents grow food but also a gathering place where community events and educational workshops are held.

As of today, GrowNYC has built 13 NYCHA gardens and 150 community gardens across the city, creating over 1 million square feet of community green space in New York City.

Green space is more than an amenity - it is vital to helping neighborhoods thrive. Gardens function as a community hub, improve mental health, and make space for green infrastructure that protects NYC from the increasing effects of climate change.

Help GrowNYC continue to make New York City a greener place for all and make a gift today! Thanks to Omni New York LLC, your gift will be matched, making an impact that will last for years to come.

Farmstands For the Love of New York

November 18, 2022
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In the fall of 2021, the Associated Supermarket located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn shut its doors due to development. Neighborhood residents, including many seniors, found themselves without access to a grocery store.

Community members were concerned about the lack of access to affordable, fresh, healthy food. That's where GrowNYC stepped in.

GrowNYC's Crown Heights Farmstand now serves the community by bringing a selection of seasonal and affordable produce to the neighborhood every Friday. GrowNYC Farmstands bring fresh fruits and vegetables to under-resourced neighborhoods across New York City while providing workforce development opportunities for young New Yorkers.

Historically under-resourced New York City neighborhoods are frequently overlooked by large food distributors and have fewer access points to fresh produce. 60 percent of Farmstand customers use a food subsidy program like SNAP, WIC, or OTC cards, making Farmstands, as well as GrowNYC's Greenmarkets and Fresh Food Box sites, crucial to fighting the inequity in NYC's current food system.

Giselle Ladino Perez, one of our Farmstand Youth Staff, shared that "I know that everyone deserves to have food on their table. I want everyone to be able to say 'Yes, food is a human right.'"

When you give to GrowNYC you ensure that New Yorkers across the five boroughs have access to fresh, affordable food - no matter their income or zip code.

We can't do this work without your support. Thank you for sharing our vision of building a more equitable and sustainable food system throughout New York City.

GrowNYC FreshConnect Information Session

November 8, 2022
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GrowNYC is happy to announce our Winter 2023 Training Series!

This free training is available to nonprofit organizations and community groups interested in operating a food box or farm stand in their neighborhoods. Organizations are invited to join us for an informational session on Tuesday, Jan 10th from 4-6 PM. This overview will help organizations determine which model is the right fit for them. We will provide general FreshConnect background, details about ordering produce through GrowNYC Wholesale, and highlight the differences between a farm stand and a food box. The info session is not required, but if you're still deciding if you'd like to run a farm stand or a food box, this will help you understand the differences and make your decision.

January 10, 4-6PM, Information Session
Register for our first information session here.

All training sessions are remote via Zoom.

Jan 24, 4-6 PM, Farm Stand Training
Jan 264-6 PM, Fresh Food Box Training 

2022 Holiday Schedule - Greenmarkets, Farmstands, Fresh Food Box, Food Scrap and Clothing Collections

November 7, 2022
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Christmas and New Years are right around the corner and markets are abundant with all of the ingredients you need for delicious meals and celebrations. Some scheduling changes will take place due to the holidays, see below for full schedule. 

Please note, food scrap and clothing collections remain the same for regularly scheduled market days, unless otherwise noted. 

**For farmer/producer attendance, scroll to the bottom of each individual market webpage, updated the morning of each market day.

Wednesday 12/28:  
Bartel-Pritchard Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-2pm 
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
Tribeca Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm (last day of the season)
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 
CLOSED Morris Heights Farmstand
CLOSED Uptown Grand Central Fresh Food Box (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED Chinese-American Planning Council Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Madison Square Park Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED Mott Haven Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Morrisania Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Office of Assemblymember Anderson Food Scrap Drop-Off, QNS

Thursday 12/29:  
Columbia University Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm
Tucker Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
CLOSED East Harlem Health Action Center Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Norwood Farmstand (Also Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED 145th Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED 181st Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED Crown Heights Franklin Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Prospect Heights Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Wilson Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Kew Gardens Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS
CLOSED Community Access - Davidson Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED BronxWorks Carolyn McLaughlin Community Center Food Scrap Drop-Off, BX

Friday 12/30:
97th Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 
CLOSED Crown Heights Farmstand (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED East 96th Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MHTN
CLOSED St. Mary’s Harlem Food Scrap Drop-off, MHTN
CLOSED Fordham Plaza Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED New Roots Community Farm Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Parkchester Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Montefiore Bronx Health Collective Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Cypress Hills Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Flatbush Junction Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Corona Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS
CLOSED College Point Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS

Saturday 12/31: 
Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm
Ft Greene Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
McCarren Park Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-2pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
St. George Greenmarket, SI, open 8am-1pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
82nd Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 9am-2:30pm
Inwood Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm
Tribeca Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm
Abingdon Square Greenmarket, MHTN, 8am-2pm
Tucker Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm
CLOSED Sunnyside Greenmarket, QNS, open 8am-2pm (Food Scrap Drop-off OPEN; Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED 7th Avenue Sunset Park Greenmarket & FarmstandFood Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Mixteca Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Bed-Stuy Fresh Food Box (Food Scrap Collection open 11am-3pm)
CLOSED Bay Ridge Food Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Kensington Food Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Ridgewood Food Scrap Drop-off

Sunday 1/1: 
All Greenmarkets, Farmstands, and Fresh Food Box locations closed. No clothing or food scrap collections.

Deck the Halls - Christmas Trees + Holiday Wreaths at Greenmarkets

November 6, 2022


Greenmarkets where you can stock up on holiday greens:

A'moon Farm: Wreaths, Bouquets, Garlands, Princess Pines, White Pines, Cedar Pines, Mountain Laurels, Boxwood, Juniper, and Rosehips (Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays and Fridays)
Downhome Acres: Wreaths (77th Street Greenmarket Sundays, Columbia University Greenmarket Sundays)
Durr Wholesale: Wreaths (Union Square Greenmarket Saturdays) 
Fantastic Gardens: Potted evergreens, poinsettias, amaryllis (Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays)
Green Life Farm: Wreaths (77th Street Greenmarket Sundays)
Lebak Farms: Wreaths and boughs (Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Saturdays)
Luna Family Farm: Wreaths and bouquets (Columbia University Greenmarket Thursdays; Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket Sundays; Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays & Saturdays)
Mountain Sweet Berry Farm: Wreaths, garland, and princess pines (77th Street Greenmarket Sundays; Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)
Newgate Farms: Wreaths (Cortelyou Greenmarket Sundays, Columiba Greenmarket Thursdays)
Pe-tal Plants: Potted evergreens, poinsettias, and amaryllis (Union Square Greenmarket Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays)
Phillips Farm: Eucalyptus Wreaths (Union Square Saturdays, Grand Army Plaza Saturdays)
Rexcroft Farm: Wreaths (Fort Greene Greenmarket Saturdays) 
River Garden: Dried flower wreaths (Union Square Greenmarket Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)
Stokes Farm: Herb wreaths (Tucker Square Greenmarket Thursdays and Saturdays; Union Square Greenmarket Saturdays)
Van Houten Farms: Trees and wreaths (Union Square Greenmarket Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays)
Walnut Hill Farm: Wreaths and dried flowers (77th Street Greenmarket Sundays, Carroll Gardens Greenmarket Sundays, Fort Greene Greenmarket Saturdays, Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets Saturdays, Inwood Greenmarket Saturdays, McCarren Park Greenmarket Saturdays, Union Square Greenmarket Wednesdays and Saturdays)



GrowNYC Gift Guide

November 5, 2022
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Greenmarket Merch: Tote bags (many farmers also tell totes!), reusable produce bags, 2023 calendar designed by Aly Miller Illustrations 
Greenmarket Tokens: Wooden tokens can be purchased in $5 increments at the information tent at any Greenmarket using a credit or debit card. Tokens can be used like money at most vendors. 

Sachets, Salves, Lip Balms, Lotions, and Body Oils
Beeswax Candles 
Wool Apparel, Yarn, Hats, Scarves
Herbal Tinctures, Teas, and Tisanes 

Decorative Garlic Braids 
Poinsettias, Paper Whites, and Orchids
Succulent & Cactus 
Farmstead Wool Blankets and Wall Hangings 

Hard Cider
Egg Nog
Spirits: Gin, Corn Whiskey, Vodka, Unaged Single Malt Whiskey

Jams and Preserves
Farmstead Cheeses
Herb Wreaths 
Cookies, Pies and Baked Goods
Maple Syrup, Maple Cotton Candy & Maple Candies
Chicken Liver Bourbon Pâté 
Soppressata and Cured Chorizo
Duck Salami and Prosciutto 
Bison Jerky from Roaming Acres 
Dried & Smoked Chiles & Powdered Spices 

Please note, not all of these items are sold at every market location so check the producer line-up to see what products are available at your local Greenmarket.

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