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December 2020, The Resilience of the Microbakery

How do you close out a year like 2020?

With sorrow and gratitude, and hope for the future.

In so many ways, we continue to grieve for our City, which has been so deeply and profoundly impacted by the COVID crisis. As restaurants closed, lines at our Greenmarkets started earlier and grew longer, and markets have become a place of refuge in these dark times.

One bright spot, a sign of certain renewal, are the many micro-bakeries that have been popping up, most, dedicated to using local ingredients that demonstrate a deeper commitment and connection to the source of our food.

When Tyler Steinbrenner of ACQ Bakery (short for Anti-Conquest Bread Co.), an experienced chef and fermentation expert, found himself furloughed at his restaurant job, he decided that this was the perfect time to start baking for his neighbors. We had a chance to talk to Tyler about this project, how it came to be, and why using local ingredients is crucial to its resiliency.

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The Grainstand

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Articles that both inform and shed light on our work.

November 2020
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September 2020
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August 2020
The Seattle Times: These California Grain Geeks Want to Boost Your Immune System With True Whole Wheat

August 2020
Medium: Finnriver Farm & Grainery’s pandemic-inspired grain boxes deliver a sense of security — and stashable, adaptable wheat berries​

August 2020
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July 2020
The New Yorker: New York City’s Cornucopia of Bread to Go

July 2020
Huffpost: Why People Baked So Much Bread During Quarantine: An Explanation​

July 2020
Grub Street: Life After Sourdough

July 2020
New York Times: That Flour You Bought Could be the Future of the U.S. Economy

June 2020
CNN: This Farmer Says Amateaur Bakers are Saving his Business

May 2020
The Atlantic: Foodie Culture as We Know It Is Over​

May 2020
The New York Times: Spoiled Milk, Rotten Vegetables and a Very Broken Food System

May 2020
Acadiana Advocate: When we remember this quarantine, it will smell like sourdough

May 2020
The Atlantic: Americans Have Baked All the Flour Away

May 2020
Food & Wine: The 100 Best Bakeries in America

April 2020
Medium: Bread Clubs Are Still Going Strong During Quarantine

April 2020
The Late Show: Jake Gyllenhaal on Sourdough

April 2020
The Hill: Tyson Foods takes out full-page ad: 'The food supply chain is breaking'​

April 2020
The Counter: Yes, #quarantinebaking has caused a temporary flour shortage. But not for the reasons you think. 

March 2020
The Boston Globe: Coronavirus Pandemic Should Shift Our Focus to a More Locally Sourced Food Supply

February 2020
Medium: Growing Chestnuts in the Northeast US: a Value Chain Perspective 

February 2020
New York Times: The Whole Grain Grail: A Sandwich Bread With Mass Appeal

February 2020
WBUR: The Beer, Booze and Bread Community is Organizing A Northeast Grainshed

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The Story Behind Breuckelen Distilling's NY-Grown Single Malt Whiskey

Learn how one farmer's "bad crop" became a distiller's dream ingredient, thanks to masterminds Brad Estabrooke of Breuckelen Distilling, grain farmer Thor Oechsner, and maltsters Andrea and Christian Stanley of Valley Malt.

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