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October 2017
Bon AppetitThe New Frontier of Dessert Is Local Flour

July 2017
The New Food EonomyYour Barley May Get Naked Soon-Which Means It'll be Better for You

July 2017
ScienceDailyHeritage and Ancient Grain Project Feeds a Growing Demand

July 2017
Food & WineForget Wheat: America's Taste For Ancient Grains is Growing

June 2016
Lancaster FarmingGrowth of Organic Wheat Also Brings Challenges

November 2016
Los Angeles TimesHow the California Grain Campaign is Working to get Local Whole Grain Bread to Your Table

May 2016
EaterBread vs. Booze: The Surprising Fight Brewing Over Quality Grain

February 2016
Food & WineHow the Regional Grains Project Transformed New York's Union Square's Greenmarket

September 2015
Edible ManhattanGoing With the Grain: With Effort, the Northeast Is Once Again Becoming a Breadbasket

July 2015
Heritage Radio NetworkSharp & Hot: Episode 91, The Grain Project

April 2015
Lancaster FarmingCraft Beer Event Shows Potential of NY Small Grains Market

March 2015
The New York TimesBeyond Quinoa: The New Ancient Grains

June 2014
150ishSustainable Fields of Local Grain

June 2014
Heritage Radio NetworkRise of Northeast Grains

March 2014
Heritage Radio NetworkGood For Nothing Flour

March 2014
Zester DailyThe Local Malt Issue That Can Change Craft Brewing

February 2014
Heritage Radio NetworkBeer Sessions Radio: Episode 202, NYC Brewer's Choice 2014

August 2013
Heritage Radio NetworkBeer Sessions Radio: Episode 176, Local-Grains!

June 2013
Crain's New York BusinessBrooklyn Brewery Gives Local Beer New Meaning

April 2013
Heritage Radio NetworkBeer Sessions Radio: Episode 160, Local Grains and Water

September 2012
Civil EatsBring Back Local Grains! One Man's Quest in Upstate NY

July 2012
GristSmall-scale grains: Another piece of the locavore puzzle

June 2012
New York TimesMalters Bring Terroir to the Beer Bottle

May 2012
Serious EatsGood Bread: New Amsterdam Market's Bread Pavilion

April 2012
SaveurChoosing Flour For Bread Baking

March 2012
Imbibe MagazineStill Life: New York's distillery boom revives a spirited tradition
Your News NowLocal Mill Lands Federal Grant

December 2011
New York MagazineThe Greatest Thing Since...
Smithsonian: Artisanal Wheat On The Rise

November 2011
New York Times: Rural French Baking, From Oven to Recipes

October 2011
Food Systems Network: Flour Goes Local: Heritage Grains Come to Greenmarket

May 2011
The New York TimesBeer Straight Off the Farm

December 2010
WNYC: Last Chance Foods - The Northeast Breadbasket
New HopeThe Future of Wheat Lies in Heritage Varieties

October 2010
New York Times: Field Report: Market Share

July 2010
Edible ManhattanThe Foodshed: Breadwinners
Lancaster Farming: Adding Value to Grain Proves a Successful Move for N.Y. Operation

March 2010
The Atlantic: The Breadbasket of America: New England?

February 2010
Edible Manhattan: File This One Under Food Porn (Whole Grain Food Porn That Is)
Food Systems Network: NYC Food Detective: What Wheat Where?

January 2010
New York Times: Reviving New York State's Grain Belt

September 2008
The New York Times: Flour That Has the Flavor of Home

Q & A with June Russell, talking about her incredible work reinvigorating grain growing in the Northeast. 

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