Locavore Challenge: Week Two

September 20, 2011
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For the second week of our Locavore Challenge food diaries we'll be following along with Gabrielle Langholtz, editor of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

Prior to editing for Edible, Gabrielle worked as the publicity coordinator at Greenmarket for 8 years. More recently, she married Craig Haney, livestock manager at Stone Barns, who makes a few appearances in this food diary.

Thursday Sept 8th

11:30 AM: hard boiled egg (from Craig’s hens) and maple yogurt from Old Chatham. 2:00 PM: giant salad w beets & almost-gone-bad goat cheese and lots of raw garlic and a little too much sherry vinegar 4:00: craving something sweet, snuck a spoonful of sugary hazelnut spread from Le Pain Quotidien, then regretted it and spit it into the compost where it looked totally nasty. Much better on toast! Dinner: friggin amazing boiled scarlet runner beans. WOW. They literally taste like peaches. I was yelling “peaches!” as I ate them. Craig said I was crazy. Also corn soup: All summer I’ve been saving and freezing corn cobs, when I get a big gallon Ziploc full I boil em up with onions skins and carrots tops – amazing corny stock. Cooked that up with corn and onions from CSA and...frozen corn kernels from the supermarket.

Friday Sept 9th

2 open faced mayo-cuke sammies w lots of black pepper. I’m an addict green tea – water wasn’t hot enough – meh (one bite of a gluten-free pancake that was SO too-sweet! Wtf bob’s red mill?) Snacks throughout the day: Boiled beets and hunk of goat cheese eaten standing up PB and pickled jalepenos on rice crackers (no I’m not pregnant – try it). Three rice crackers slathered with mayo, then pepper on top with lots of cuke slices on that. Staple lately. DINNER: 6:30 tilapia burrito the size of my head. Ate the whole thing. Want to die. Bedtime snack – honey fro yo, which is incredibly easy (strain yogurt, puree with honey, freeze in ice cream maker, wow)

Saturday Sept 10th

Breakfast: White tea, Whole cuke All day long: Green zebra tomato sandwiches with mayo. Life-changing. DINNER: BLTs - so freaking easy and delicious. Summer squash cooked in bacon grease – turned out too greasy. Awesome green salad with liberal application of raw garlic. Corn on the cob – complete with cornworms (which on the bright side, prove the plants weren’t sprayed) Late night sweet tooth – Mast Brothers chocolate, the nib bar. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Sunday Sept 11th

Late breakfast of Squid stir-fried with basil, garlic, and lots of jalapeno (all local and frigging delicious) eaten with peanuts and couscous. Meant to split it with Craig but ate the whole thing. Stuffed rest of day. Peach-tomato crisp (thank you Mark Bittman) Went to Prune for a media dinner for The Perennial Plate, which I want to BE. Ate whole shrimp, raw oyster, pig heart…good but the conversation itself was the real feast. Sat next to Melissa Clark, she hardly ate a thing!

Monday Sept 12

Made hot pepper confit from River Cottage Everyday. Just cut up chiles, covered in oil (yes that’s a lot of oil – deal with it). Let it bubble for maybe 10 minutes. Freakaing amazing. Thought of too many ways to eat it all day, including stirred into plain yogurt, eaten off bread, and eaten with a spoon. Picnic dinner: Fennel-carrot slaw, pasta w pesto & tomatoes (cant get enough pesto these days), boiled beans & carrots – Craig thinks they’re too plain but I love to eat them with no other seasoning at all so I can really taste them.

Tuesday Sept 13th

Breakfast: Oatmeal w plain yogurt and chile-pepper confit Snack: Dates w Ronnybrook crème fraiche Late lunch: Cucumber salad with cilantro, scallions, chili flakes and a few dashes of fish sauce. Totally addictive. Dinner: ground lamb cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic (all from CSA) and brown rice Late-night sweet tooth: Liddabit Sweets caramels, the ricotta-orange flavor. Considered eating wrapper too.

Wednesday Sept 14th

Homemade granola with nothing local in it except the maple syrup, but at least I poured local milk all over it. Late morning – huge green salad with boiled beets, plus feta from my raw-milk club. Late afternoon – tuna-kimchi sandwich. My standby. Just 3 ingreds: tuna, kimchi, mayo. Survival food, and damn enjoyable I might add. Also ate half a cuke. Made oven-roasted tomatoes, so easy and delicious. Meant to freeze em all for winter soups but ended up eating half of them on pasta for dinner, with a little parmesan. Yum. Sweet tooth – last of cantaloupe sorbet, which couldn’t be easier. Peel and seed cantaloupe, puree with sugar and juice of half a lemon, freeze in ice cream maker. So good. I love you David Lebovitz!

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