Moore Jackson Cemetery and Community Garden

31-61 51st Street
Woodside, Queens
Founded in 2018

Moore Jackson Cemetery and Community Garden is a vibrant 20,000 square foot open space in Woodside, Queens.  Originally home to the Moore-Jackson family's farmhouse, the space was landmarked in 1997 and is currently owned by the Queens Historical Society.  A small family burial ground is accessible via the 54th Street entrance, while the large community garden entrance is on 51st Street.  

A group of neighborhood residents began a revitalization effort in 2018, beginning the immense task of clearing knotweed and galvanizing community support.  GrowNYC became involved in 2019, covering the site in mulch and building out garden beds, benches, picnic tables, and a steel shed.  In any area of the city where there are few open spaces, Moore Jackson has become a hub of activity and goodwill.



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