Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center

430 E. 29th Street
Murray Hill, Manhattan
Founded in 2011

Built in a few short months in 2011, the Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center was created on a stalled construction site next to Tom Collicchio's newest restaurant, Riverpark.

Working with ORE Architects, GrowNYC and Alexandria designed a temporary garden using recycled plastic milk crates and 100 different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Fresh produce from the farm is used by Riverpark.

When construction on the stalled site restarted one year later, the Riverpark Farm was picked up and relocated to another part of the Alexandria Center campus, where it sits today.  The farm's new location, along the North side of the Alexandria Center plaza, where it continues to grow fresh produce for Riverpark restaurant and offer a unique learning resource for the community.

GrowNYC’s New York State Regional Food Hub (The Hub) is entering the final stages of development and is expected to open in the Fall of 2024.