Fresh Food Box FAQ

How do I sign up for a Fresh Food Box?

Check our maps and our calendar to pick the site that is most convenient to you. Maybe one near your workplace, or near your home, or near your child’s school. Go to the distribution site on the scheduled day and time , sign up with the Fresh Food Box Site Coordinator, and pay for your box. Return to the distribution site the following week, on the scheduled day and time, to pick up your produce, and order your box for the following week.


Can I sign up the same day as pick up?

No. Fresh Food Box functions like a buying club. Produce is purchased for each distribution site using money collected from signups the previous week. We must make sure that our pre-paid customers get the produce they purchased. At the end of the distribution time, extra produce may be available for purchase.


Where can I find a Fresh Food Box? has maps, calendars, and addresses for the current Fresh Food Box season.


Who can participate in a Fresh Food Box?

Everyone is welcome to sign up at our distribution sites.


How do I pay for Fresh Food Box?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, cash, and EBT. During the July – November season, we accept Health Bucks as well.


How much is Fresh Food Box?

$12 per week for one produce bag. At all sites, other groceries may be ordered for an additional cost. Eggs from Handsome Brook Farm may be ordered for an additional $4.00 per dozen. Breads from Hot Bread Kitchen may be ordered for $4.50. Platt Creek Maple Syrup may be ordered for $20 for a 32 oz jug. Additionally, we carry cold-pressed local sunflower oil from Full Sun available for purchase onsite for $6.50.


Can I sign up online?

We do not have online signup capability at this time.


Do you deliver?



I can’t pick up my bag! Can someone else pick up for me?

Yes! Tell a friend or family member to come to the site to pick up your produce. They will have to give your name. If you want them to sign you up for the following week, make sure they understand that they have to order and pay for you.


I forgot to pick up my bag. Can I pick it up next week instead?

We are not able to hold bags for pick up after distribution hours. It is, therefore, very important that you, or someone on your behalf, come and pick up your bag during distribution times. We cannot offer refunds or credit for unclaimed bags.


What’s in a Fresh Food Box?

Fresh Food Boxes strive to contain one kind of fruit, one salad green, one cooking green, an aromatic vegetable (like onions or garlic), a fresh herb, and a selection of seasonal vegetables. Occasionally, we include locally grown grains or legumes. The volume and number of items is dependent on the season and wholesale price of vegetables. In the height of the season, Fresh Food Box bags often contain up to ten different items. During the WinterBox season, bags usually contain around six items per week, due to the rising cost of fresh produce during the Northeastern winter.


Does it really come in a box?

Nope! Fresh Food Box usually comes in a bag – but it Fresh Food Box sounds better than Fresh Food Bag!


Does a customer get to choose what goes in their bag?

No. The site coordinator orders for the entire site the previous week. Bags all contain the same items. If there is something in the bag that you do not like or are allergic to, we recommend giving it to a friend, a family member, or a neighbor, or trade it with another Fresh Food Box member! Most boxes are diverse enough, and plentiful enough that even if there is one item you cannot eat, there are still many other items for the rest of the week.


Is Food Box 100% organic?

Fresh Food Box is not 100% organic. Some of our produce is sourced from certified organic farmers, and other items are sourced from small and mid-sized conventional farms.


Is Food Box 100% local?

No, but it is always the best and the freshest. From July through November, Fresh Food Box produce is grown exclusively on Northeast farms within about 350 miles of New York City. From December through June, Northeast produce is supplemented with produce from carefully vetted farms of the coastal Southeast (from Virginia to Florida).


Will there be recipes?

Our coordinators usually will bring a couple of recipes with them for distribution every week.


What happens to produce that is not distributed?

Produce that is not picked up, or items we have an excess of, may be sold to other customers or donated to food rescue charities.


When is Fresh Food Box?

Fresh Food Box runs from mid-July right up to Thanksgiving. Fresh Food Box sites run Tuesdays through Saturdays. Please check the calendar for distribution times and days of specific sites.


When is WinterBox?

WinterBox sign-ups begin the week of Thanksgiving, and Winter Box runs through the spring. WinterBoxes run Tuesdays through Thursdays. Please check the calendar for distribution times and days of specific sites.


Why don't you have sites on Staten Island?

Fresh Food Box works hand in hand with Greenmarket Co, GrowNYC's wholesale food distribution hub. Our sites must be on their truck routes. Unfortunately, their routes do not currently include Staten Island.


I want my building/school/community organization to host a Fresh Food Box! How do we get one?

Great!  We would love to hear about potential new sites. Please submit a site suggestion!


What if my question isn't answered here?

Send an email to Fresh Food Box and Winter Box using our Contact page.


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