Greenmarket Seniors

Greenmarket Seniors connects New York City senior citizens with farmers markets and regional farmers to help them increase their understanding of local agriculture and the importance of eating fresh, seasonal foods. Fun, interactive learning experiences will enhance the seniors understanding of how food choices impact their health, their environment, and their communities.

Mission: Established in the fall of 2012, Greenmarket Seniors aims to improve nutrition, enhance social interaction, and benefit the overall physical and emotional health of New York City’s older adults through interactive, educational tours of farmers markets.

Two-part Program:

  • WINTER/SPRING – Greenmarket Staff Visit to a Senior Center
  • SUMMER/FALL - Senior Centers Tour a Greenmarket Farmers Market

This year Greenmarket Seniors is expanding its services to not only include farmers market tours, but presentations at senior centers as well. Participating senior centers are able to choose to do either a presentation or a tour, or a combination of both a presentation and tour for the same price. Ideally senior groups will participate in a presentation and tour, as doing both will give participants greater opportunities to expand their knowledge of Greenmarket.

During the winter months, Greenmarket staff will visit your senior center to introduce you to the Greenmarket - who we are, where we are, and what we do. Presentations include a description of the Greenmarket Program, pictures of our farms and markets, Q & A about the markets, and a cooking demonstration using healthy food purchased from Greenmarkets – with a sampling for all attendees.

In the warm weather months, a group from your center will visit one of our Greenmarkets for a guided tour.  A brief presentation will explain the concepts of seasonality and local food, followed by an interactive outdoor tour to discover the diverse varieties and delicious flavors of farm fresh food.  We will visit farmers/vendors at their stands to learn more about their produce and other products.  The tour will also include a tasty, healthy food sample made with fresh Greenmarket ingredients.  Tour attendees will receive recipes and activities to take home.

Department for the Aging (DFTA) Nutrition Education Credit - Senior centers are also more than welcome to use our programming as a certified Nutrition Education Credit from DFTA. Please inquire for specific details.

For information about the activities we offer call 212-788-7900 x264 or email Rob Shepherd at

Choose from the following options:

  • Request a Senior Tour ONLY - $42 per group


  • Request a Greenmarket Site Visit to your Senior Center  AND a Greenmarket Senior Tour - $42 per group for BOTH

Make a Request Here

Specific Information for Market Tours:

Tours are usually 45-60 minutes. The maximum number of seniors per tour is 30.

WHERE: Senior Tours are available at any of our 50+ Greenmarkets throughout New York City.

WHEN: Senior Tours are available in the spring, summer and fall seasons, weather permitting. Day and time availability for tours at markets vary. We encourage groups to schedule tours of their neighborhood Greenmarket to experience and taste what is readily available within their local community.

COST: $42 per group.

MARKET RIDE: Through an arrangement with the Department of Education and DFTA, school buses can be booked by DFTA community partners to take seniors on shopping trips between the hours of 9:30 and 1:30, October through May, when school is in session. Market Ride takes seniors to supermarkets, Farmers Markets and other greengrocers where they can purchase nutritious food. Trips must be booked four weeks before trip date. To book a school bus for your tour, please contact DFTA by emailing or calling their office at 212-602-4452. 

Dr. Kathleen Merrigan visits GrowNYC's Project Farmhouse to discuss the evolution of food law and policy. 

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