FARMroots Profiles

Chris Wayne
FARMroots Director

Chris came to GrowNYC in 2009 after 2 years of small scale fruit and vegetable farming in Costa Rica and a childhood on his dad's farm in Danbury, CT. After a season as a Greenmarket manager, Chris joined the team of the New Farmer Development Project, where he helped to identify, educate, and support immigrant farmers to start environmentally and economically sustainable farms within 200 miles of NYC. In 2010 Chris stepped into the role of Beginning Farmer Coordinator, where he managed workshop, mentorship, business training, and microloan programming for aspiring farmers. 

In his current capacity as FARMroots Director, Chris works to develop and manage technical assistance programming for both beginning farmers and established farmers who sell through the Greenmarket Program, with a specific focus on land transition, succession, and marketing projects.

You can reach Chris Wayne at:
(p) 212.341.2254
(f) 212.571.0778

Gabriela Pereyra
Beginning Farmer Program Manager

Gabby Pereyra is the Manager of the Beginning Farmer Program. As part of her work at the Greenmarket, she is primarily responsible for providing direct technical assistance in marketing and business development to established farmers, and also works on training aspiring farmers to start viable farm businesses. Prior to assuming her role at FARMroots, Gabby managed Greenmarkets in Queens, where she learned the importance of expanding access to high-quality, locally-grown products for a diverse range of customers in New York.

A scientist at heart, Gabby spent time on the research side of agriculture before transitioning to the non-profit world. While working on her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Gabby investigated the feedback of plant development and environmental cues, such as nutrient availability, drought, and elevated CO2. By doing so, she designed and built hydroponic systems to study the potential yield of several crops under controlled environments. After volunteering in food justice organizations in Venezuela and Germany, Gabby developed an interest in food security and sustainable agriculture which led her to the Synergos Institute as Program Intern, where she researched adaptation and mitigation strategies on climate-smart agriculture to secure the livelihood of vulnerable communities. Gabby holds a PhD in Geosciences from the FSU Jena (Germany), an MSc in Agriculture from the University of Hohenheim (Germany) and a BSc in Biology from the Central University of Venezuela.

You can reach Gabby Pereyra at:
(p) 212.788.7900 x 288
(f)  212.571.0778

Jack Hornickel
Business Planning & Legal Specialist

Jack grew up in Midwestern farm communities and moved to New York City for college. He stumbled on his first Greenmarket while exploring the Bronx by bicycle and was inspired by the urban-rural connection around fresh food. In 2012, Jack enrolled in law school to support regionalized food systems and advocate for small farmers. He was a legal intern for FARMroots in the summer of 2014, revising leases, drafting curriculum for the Farm Beginnings course, and researching farm labor law. In his position as Business Planning Specialist, Jack assists Greenmarket producers with cash flow management, business formation, land tenure, and farm succession. Jack holds a Juris Doctor and Master of Environmental Law & Policy from Vermont Law School.

You can reach Jack Hornickel at:
(p) 212-788-7900 x265
(f) 212.571.0778


​During National Latinx Heritage Month in the United States we recognize the contributions of Latinx and Hispanic Americans to the country's history, heritage, and culture. Learn more from GrowNYC's FARMroots Beginning Farmer Program Manager, Gabriela Pereyra. 

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