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Generation X Cultural Garden

Name: Generation X Cultural Garden
Address: 270 East 4th Street [OASIS]
Neighborhood: Lower East Side, Manhattan
Year Founded: 1971

Created in 1971, this beloved Lower East Side space now includes Geoblock paving which allows for all-ability access to the garden and leads to a viewing area for multi-media performances. The completion of a masonry retaining wall created additional planting areas where blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries grow in season. Nectarine, pear, peach and apple trees form a mini urban orchard. All garden furniture and planters are made from recycled materials. Funding from the Disney Foundation allowed for cultural programming related to the Latino community throughout the summer of 2009. Events featuring Greenmarket farmers, Youthmarket displays, TAiNO arts and crafts, and healthy eating and tasting sessions with international foods saw more than 2,000 local school children from the neighborhood participate. Teams of volunteers from Pace University and Pfizer joined Disney VoluntEARS in donating hours of volunteer time weeding, watering, planting and mulching.

Construction photos

Event photos