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Classroom Best Practices

> Setup Guide (PDF)
> Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
> School Recyclables Checklist (PDF)
> Faculty & Staff Letter (Word Doc)
> Bin Tally Sheet (PDF)
> School Recycling Survey (PDF)
> Recycling Rating Chart (PDF)
> Waste Audit Guide & Worksheet (PDF)
> DOE-DSNY Collection/Bin Protocol (PDF)
> DOE Electronic Waste Policy (PDF)
> DOE Book Recycling Policy (PDF)
> End of Year Staff Recycling Letter (Word Doc)

> Primary School Recycling Presentation (PPT) (PDF)
> Secondary School Recycling Presentation (PPT) (PDF)
> Faculty Recycling Presentation (PPT) (PDF)
> How-to Guide: Student Assemblies (PDF)
> Student Assembly Presentation for How-to Guide (PowerPoint)

> Script for Classroom Visits (PDF)
> Certificate of Recognition (PDF)
> Green Team Guide (PDF)
> Recycling Monitor Application (Word)
> Recycling Monitor Badges! (PDF)
> Classroom Inspection System (Word)
> NYC Waste Facts (PDF)
> Fun Ice Breakers (PDF)
> Classroom Recyclables Visual (PDF)
> Morning Announcements Script (PDF)
> I-Dot Student Survey Activity (PDF)
> Upcycled Milk Carton Craft (PDF)
> Recycling Facts Assignment (PDF)

> Green Team Guide (PDF)
> Advocacy Action Kit (PDF)
> NYC Waste Facts (PDF)
> Sort it Out! STEM Enrichment (PDF)
> Sort it Out! Social Studies Enrichment (PDF)
> Fun Ice Breakers (PDF)
> Morning Announcements Script (PDF)
> I-Dot Student Survey Activity (PDF)
Classroom Inspection System (Word)

> NYC Department of Sanitation: Free decals, signs, posters, comic books, and more.
> Reuse Scrap Paper (PDF 8.5x11 or 11x17)
> Paper Recycling Poster - Central Park (PDF 8.5x11 or 11x17)
> Milk Carton Recycling Poster (PDF 8.5x11 or 11x17)
> Recycling Champion Certificate of Recognition (PDF)

> Check out our great list of short videos and films, by clicking here. Show students and staff what's going on with school recycling around NYC, find out where NYC's trash goes and how paper gets recycled on Staten Island!