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FARMroots holds advanced workshops, panel discussions and events around common challenges and relevant topics, such as financial recordkeeping and forming limited liability business entities. 


Growing Farmers Workshop: Developing Your Farm Marketing Plan - July 30th
Developing your farm's marketing and outlet strategy is a vital part of your future success. Should you join a farmers market, start a CSA, or both? How can your business appeal to a customer's behavioral habits and attract a wider range of shoppers? Join marketing specialists Matt LeRoux and Chris Wayne for an introduction to maketing strategy develoment and customer behavior at farmers markets. The Workshop will take place from 2:00 - 5:00 PM at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY. There will be free transportation available from New York City. To reserve a spot please RSVP to Chris Wayne at Stone Barns members $9.00 - Adult $10.00 Click here for more information and to buy a ticket. 

Informational Field Day to Amantai Farm - August 17th (English and Spanish)
Join us on an informational Field Day to Jorge Carmona's Farm. Jorge Carmona has been working with New Farmer Development since 2006 and selling at Greenmarket for the past 8 years. Come tour the farm, ask questions and learn about FARMroot's whole-farm planning course, Farm Beginnings. The Field Day is FREE for all participants and transportation and  lunch will be provided. We will be departing from 51 Chambers St. at 9 AM and back in the city before 6 PM. RSVP by Friday August 8th to Maria Rojas at


New Farmer Development Field Day to Queens County Farm - July 14th

Join FARMroots on a trip to Queens County Farm (The longest continously track of land in the state!) and learn about our whole-farm planning course, Farm Beginnings. The Field Day is FREE for all participants and transportation and lunch will be provided. We will depart from 51 Chambers St. at 9:30 and return downtown by 3. If interested in attending and/or in learning more about Farm beginnings and FARMroot's New Farmer Development and training please contact Maria Rojas at

"Planning for Profit" with Richard Wiswall - June 26th
Richard Wiswall of Cate Farm in Vermont is a wiz when it comes to managing a farm.  Most farmers do what they do for the love of the land, but too often that comes at the expense of their wallets. Wiswall is all about breaking that cycle. He believes that farming can break the bank by overflowing it with profits, if you run a well planned and well managed farm.

The "Planning for Profit" workshop will focus on financial planning and analysis tools needed to run a profitable farm in an easy, step-by-step process. Participants will come away with the knowledge to, "Farm Smarter, not Harder". Key topics include setting profit goals, creating accurate cash-flow projections, and building efficient production systems.

Brought to you by Brooklyn Grange and GrowNYC, this afternoon workshop will be spent learning the ins and outs of "Planning for Profit" from Richard Wiswall. We'll start with a classroom portion in our neighboring BLDG 92, and then head up to Brooklyn Grange's Navy Yard farm to see Wiswall's knowledge put into practice in an urban setting. Yes, we've read his book cover to cover. You could call it our required winter reading. 

Advanced Marketing Strategies: Understanding Customer Behavior - February 12th
FARMroots staff gave a brief presentation on marketing strategies. The presentation was meant to leverage valuable research by the multi-million dollar supermarket industry and apply it to selling at Greenmarket. It also contained some tips on how to appeal to a customer's behavioral habits, how to break market segmentation, and how to appeal to a wider range of shoppers. 

Customer Service Workshop - November 6th
This workshop addressed how developing strong relationships with customers can draw more shoppers to a stand, increase weekly sales, decrease time spent addressing challenging customer situations and result in an overall improvement in a market day. Greenmarket vendors joined a leader in the hospitality industry in speaking about approaches to customer service. 

Farm Beginnings Mixer - August 28th
A beginning Farmer Mixer, hosted by Greenmarket's FARMroots Program, intended to provide a space for aspiring and established farmers to intermingle, learn about each other, and potentially create long-term mentor/mentee relationships.

Jersey Farm Produce - August 6th
Take a guided tour of Jersey Farm Produce, a 40 acre diversified vegetable farm in Milford, New Jersey. New Farmer Development Project graduate Hector Perez will give us a peak of his nearly 1 acre of greenhouse space, his 35 acres of field crops, and the detailed planning that goes into making it all run smoothly.
Milford, NJ
Leasing Land for New Farm Enterprises: A Workshop for Landowners and Farmers – July 29th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
This event offered an overview of leasing land for agricultural use. Both producers and property owners interested in making their land available to farmers attended. Topics covered included an overview of farmland leasing, developing relationships between farmers and landowners, models for land access, assessments of farmland and resources in the southeastern Pennsylvania region. Speakers included Marilyn Anthony, the Eastern Region Director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Laura Siena, President of Lundale Farms and Liz Lappin, the Land & Legal Specialist from FARMroots. A panel of farmers and landowners discussed their experiences with the audience. This event was offered in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Heritage Conservancy and Tinicum Conservancy. 

Introduction to Crop Planning and Succession Planting - June 17th
Making your small farm highly productive requires creative approaches to planning and use of space. Good market farmers try to schedule their planting so they can offer customers a continuous supply of fresh flowers, herbs, and vegetables throughout the growing season while keeping pest and disease pressure down through crop rotation. Join Jeff and Adina Bialas of J&A Farm as they give us a tour of their farm and discuss some of the central issues related to crop planning and succession planting. 
Goshen, NY