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Recycling Champions
"You have certainly inspired us all. It has really motivated my students and me to make better decisions and help others do the same. We all look at the world differently now."

- Haydee Montañez, Teacher at MS 328M

GrowNYC’s Recycling Champions Program (RCP), develops model recycling programs at 100, K-12 schools citywide each year, educating and involving 100,000 students, staff, and custodians on NYC recycling.

Through our partnership with the NYC Department of Education Sustainability Initiative and the NYC Department of Sanitation, RCP is able to spread these best practices to schools throughout the City. The resources on this page will help make recycling a part of everyday at your school. Contact with any questions.

Whether you're looking to start or improve recycling in your school, Recycling Champions has what you need to engage and organize, students and staff.  Check out our presentations, guides, handouts, and more!

> School Recycling Toolkit

300 schools in Staten Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn are participating in Organics Collection, an important new cafeteria and kitchen program from the NYC Departments of Education and Sanitation.  Recycling Champions has all the resources and tools you'll need to make this a success.

> Organics Collection Toolkit

Milk and juice cartons are recyled in NYC along with metal, plastic, and glass. Cafeteria recycling is a positive habit and is an opportunity to engage students through peer to peer education.  Check out the resources that can make your cafeteria clean and green.

> Cafeteria Recycling Toolkit

It's easy to make recycling, reduction, and reuse a part of your classroom.  We've compiled some of the best resources and ideas available for simple a simple math question, writing assignment, or art project.

> Lessons & Activities Toolkit

Engage and educate faculty and students through an assembly, classroom workshop, or faculty professional development from Recycling Champions or another great organization in NYC.  E-mail us to find out more. 

> Presenters & Workshops

Show students what to recycle in NYC, show faculty how other schools are going green, and learn more about recycling related issues in the U.S. and around the world through our great video and media library.

> Videos & Media

There are many ways your school can go green - reducing paper use, conserving energy, growing a garden, conserving energy, and more.  Find how to make your school greener and greater.  

> More School Greening

Get students and staff excited about recycling and school greening through a contest, or apply for funding or recognition for your efforts through a grant. 

> Contest & Grants