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Greenmarket School Tours

Are you a teacher interested in helping your students gain a better understanding of local agriculture and the importance of eating fresh, seasonal foods in a fun and interactive way?  Then bring your students on a Greenmarket School Tour!  

School Tours at Greenmarkets introduce the concepts of seasonality, local food and sustainable agriculture to over 6,000 students each year. Tour curricula are grade-level appropriate and involve an exploratory walk-through of the market, fun seasonal tastings of Greenmarket farmer products, and take-home activities and recipes. Our interactive outdoor tours allow children to discover the diverse, unique varieties and delicious flavors of farm fresh food and explore and interact with the lively community created by  farmers markets. Tours may be scheduled at any of our 50+ markets located within Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Tours are typically 45 to 60 minutes in duration.  

Our tours:

  • Introduce the concepts of seasonality, local food, and sustainable agriculture
  • Enable children to interact directly with farmers
  • Teach about the health benefits of eating farm-fresh food
  • Explore the community created by the farmers market as a fun, interactive, and nurturing space
  • Discover the diverse varieties and delicious flavors of foods available at Greenmarket
  • Discuss the environmental impacts of eating local and seasonal foods versus out-of-season foods that have been shipped long distances

Request a tour: Registration for Fall School Tours will open on September 1st. Please check back to fill out an online registration at that time. Tour availability is limited and will be confirmed by email. 

When: Tours may be scheduled at any of our 50+ markets from April through early December. The Union Square Greenmarket hosts tours at our Education Station on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM.  Day and time availability for tours at other markets vary. We encourage groups to schedule tours of their neighborhood Greenmarket to experience and taste what is readily available within your local community.

Cost: $42 per tour. In addition to the seasonal tasting, each student will take home a seasonal activity packet filled with recipes, puzzles and information about Greenmarket farms and products.

Maximum number of children per tour: 32. You must bring at least 1 adult for every 5 children to supervise the tour.