Greenmarket Senior Tours

The Greenmarket Senior Project connects New York City senior citizens with farmers markets and regional farmers to help them increase their understanding of local agriculture and the importance of eating fresh, seasonal foods. Fun, interactive learning experiences will enhance the seniors understanding of how food choices impact their health, their environment, and their communities.

Senior tours at Greenmarkets explain the concepts of seasonality, local food, and sustainable agriculture and involve an exploratory walk-through of the market, fun seasonal tasting of Greenmarket farmer products, and take-home recipes. Our interactive outdoor tours allow seniors to discover the diverse, unique varieties and delicious flavors of farm fresh food and explore and interact with the community created by farmers markets. Greenmarket also offers activities such as Greenmarket BINGO, food stamp screenings, jeopardy and scavenger hunts for seniors.

For information about the activities we offer call 212-788-7476 or email Rob Shepherd at

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Senior Tours

Mission: Established in the fall of 2012, Greenmarket Seniors aims to improve nutrition, enhance social interaction, and benefit the overall physical and emotional health of New York City’s older adults through interactive, educational tours of farmers markets.

Tours are usually 45-60 minutes. The maximum number of seniors per tour is 30.

WHERE: Senior Tours are available at any of our 50+ Greenmarkets throughout New York City.

WHEN: Senior Tours may be scheduled from April through December. Day and time availability for tours at markets vary. We encourage groups to schedule tours of their neighborhood Greenmarket to experience and taste what is readily available within their local community. See a map and full schedule of our markets.

COST: $42 per group. In addition to the seasonal tasting, each senior will take home a seasonal activity packet filled with recipes, and information about Greenmarket farms and products.

MARKET RIDE: Through an arrangement with the Department of Education and DFTA, school buses can be booked by DFTA community partners to take seniors on shopping trips between the hours of 9:30 and 1:30, October through May, when school is in session. Market Ride takes seniors to supermarkets, Farmers Markets and other greengrocers where they can purchase nutritious food. Trips must be booked four weeks before trip date. To book a school bus for your tour, please contact DFTA by emailing or calling their office at 212-602-4452. 

HOW TO SCHEDULE A TOUR: Request a Senior Tour

Inclement weather in the city or in the greater region does affect markets;  markets may close early, or snow-bound farmers may not be able to make it into the city.

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