GrowNYC Featured at Growing and Greening New York

March 18, 2009
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The Museum of the City of New York's current exhibition, entitled Growing and Greening New York, features several contributions from GrowNYC of New York (GrowNYC) staff, including a rainwater harvesting display.

The Growing and Greening New York exhibit takes visitors through an average New York City day, highlighting both the environmental impact of everyday activities, and alternatives that can make those activities less harmful and more sustainable.

GrowNYC's Open Space Greening staffers Lenny Librizzi and Lars Chellberg built a model rainwater harvesting system that includes a 50-gallon collection barrel, connecting pipes, and a spigot for easy reuse. Most rainwater harvesting systems collect water from nearby roofs, diverting it from frequently overloaded storm drains and making their users less dependent on the public water supply.

More information about rainwater harvesting systems, including pictures, a map of systems in the city, and a how-to manual for building a system of your own is available at GrowNYC's rainwater harvesting page.

Also featured in the exhibit, as part of a display about regional agriculture and local farmers markets, is a map showing the schedule of all 46 Greenmarkets throughout the city. The map is available as a PDF here.


Rainwater Harvesting System at MCNY


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