What We Do

I. Training and Education

The NFDP offers a range of both classroom and hands-on educational programming for immigrant farmers.

La Nueva Siembra (LNS) is the NFDPs comprehensive business planning course for beginning immigrant farmers. The course is the point of entry to the project, and a membership requirement for all NFDP participants. La Nueva Siembra is offered each fall, and covers topics that range from goal setting to marketing to the legal aspects of a running a farm business. Viewable full syllabus coming soon.

The NFDP also offers a range of workshops specifically designed with immigrant and limited-resource farmers in mind. Introductory Workshops and on-farm field days for aspiring farmers take place in the summer, while the Advanced Workshop Series for more experienced farmers takes place in the late fall through early spring.

The NFDP strongly believes in farmer-to-farmer education. To facilitate this process the NFDP links new farmers both formally and informally with more experienced Farmer Mentors.

The NFDP also provides scholarships, transportation and simultaneous interpretation for immigrant farmers to attend and take advantage of regional conferences, trainings and workshops offered by partner organizations.

II. Land identification

An integral part of the NFDP vision is keeping farmland productive. Once LNS course graduates are ready to start their own farm businesses, the NFDP works to locate appropriate farmland for lease or sale within our region.

What we look for:

  • Land within 100 miles of NYC in the Hudson Valley, Long Island, NJ and eastern PA
  • Basic farm infrastructure (water source, barns, fencing, etc.)
  • Parcels of 2-50 acres
  • On-farm or nearby affordable housing
  • Purchase, rental or lease-to-own agreements

In order to find the right opportunity for new or expanding NFDP farmers, we work directly with landowners and also through partner organizations. If you are a landowner or farmer with land to rent or sell, please take a moment to look at our Landowner Guide and fill out our Land Intake Form, or contact us directly for more information.

III. NFDP Marketing Support Services

Because of its unique position as a project of Greenmarket, the NFDP helps to connect immigrant farmers to the largest and most diverse outdoor urban farmers market network in the country. We also help farmers diversify their marketing plans by encouraging the formation of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups and direct wholesale opportunities.

The NFDP encourages farmers to produce a diversity of unique products in order to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of customers. Many NFDP farmers grow traditional crops from their home countries that bring tastes new for some and familiar to others, to NYC markets.

IV. Microcredit Loan Fund

All LNS graduates who have worked with the project for at least one year are eligible to apply for loans from the NFDP Microcredit Loan Fund.

V. One-on-one Support

The key to the NFDPs success in supporting new immigrant farmers is giving them the individualized support they need to create sustainable businesses. What each new farmer needs varies depending on their experience, knowledge and comfort zones. NFDP support includes:

  • One-on-one marketing assistance, including advice on finding appropriate markets, CSAs and direct wholesale customers, setting up attractive and effective farmers market displays and signage, and diversifying marketing plans.

  • On-farm technical assistance, including production tips for new crops, organic weed management and pest control, cover cropping, crop rotation and soil building.

  • Tax, legal and financial advising and referrals, including lease agreements, enterprise and whole farm budgeting, and insurance.

  • Simultaneous English/Spanish interpretation and translation services.

  • Assistance and referrals for value-added product development, processing and labeling.


VI. NFDP Newsletter: La Nueva Cosecha



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