Greenmarket Turkey Buying Guide and Holiday Recipes

November 14, 2012
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Greenmarket’s 2012 Holiday Recipe Packet – delicious market-inspired recipes for your holiday table.

Your guide to locally-raised Thanksgiving gobblers – which Greenmarkets to place an order, buy, and pick up your Thanksgiving bird.

Quattro’s Game Farm
Carmella Quattrociocchi, Farmer
Eastern Breed Wild Turkeys, $8.99/lb
Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys $8.99/lb
White Broad Breasted Turkeys $4.29/lb

Where to order:
Union Square Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West)
or by contacting the farm at 845.635.2018

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Saturday, November 17th and Wednesday, November 21st at the Union Square Greenmarket

Arcadian Pastures
Laurent Danthine, Farmer
Geese, $8.95 lb
White Holland Broad Breasted Turkeys $4.95/lb

Where to order:
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Flatbush & Prospect Park W)
Greenpoint Greenmarket, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Union and Driggs)
Union Square Greenmarket, Wednesdays (Union Square W & 17th St)
or by contacting the farm at 518.339.6076 or online at

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Saturday, November 17th at the Grand Army Plaza and Greenpoint Greenmarkets, and Wednesday, November 21st at the Union Square Greenmarket

Violet Hill Farms
Paul Dench-Layton, Farmer
Pasture-Raised White Broad Breasted Turkeys
Bourbon Red Turkeys $9.00/lb

Where to order:
Union Square Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West)
or by contacting the farm at 845.665.3718 or or visiting

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Saturday, November 17th or Wednesday, November 21st at the Union Square Greenmarket

Norwich Meadow Farms
Zaid Kurdieh, Farmer
Certified Organic Pasture-Raised
White Double Breasted Turkeys $6/lb

Where to order:
Union Square Greenmarket, Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West)
Tompkins Square Greenmarket Sundays (Manhattan – 7th St & Ave A)
Tucker Square Greenmarket Saturdays (66th St & Columbus)
92nd Street Greenmarket (92nd St & 1st Ave)
or by visiting the website:

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Monday, November 19th or Wednesday, November 21st at the Union Square Greenmarket

Northshire Farm
Jim Grillo, Farmer
Pasture-Raised White Broad Breasted Turkeys $4.75/lb

Where to order:
Union Square Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West), by e-mailing or through their Facebook page at

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Wednesday, November 21st at the Union Square Greenmarket

Sawkill Farm
Michael Robertson, Farmer
Broad Breasted White Turkeys $7.50/lb

Where to order:
Columbia Greenmarket, Sundays (Manhattan- Broadway and 115th St),
Jackson Heights Greenmarket, Sundays (Queens- 34th Ave at 77th St),
or by calling 845-594-5927

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Sunday, November 18th at Columbia and Jackson Heights Greenmarkets

Tamarack Hollow
Mike Betit, Farmer
Standard Bronze Turkeys $5/lb
Heritage breads (Bourbon Red, Narragansett, and more) $10/lb

Where to order:
Union Square Greenmarket, Wednesdays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West)
Visit website
Or call 802-535-1515

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Wednesday, November 21st at Union Square Greenmarket

DiPaola Turkey Farms
Art DiPaola, Farmer
White Broad Breasted Turkeys
Whole turkey $3.59 per pound
Bone-In Breast $6.79 per pound

Where to order (whole birds only):
79th Street, Sundays (Manhattan—79th St & Columbus)
97th Street, Fridays (Manhattan – 97th St & Columbus) – market open Wednesday before Thanksgiving for pick-ups
Abingdon Square Greenmarket, Saturdays (W 12th St & 8th Ave)
Brooklyn Borough Hall, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Court & Montague Sts)
Carroll Gardens Greenmarket, Sundays (Brooklyn – Carroll St btw Smith & Court)
Columbia Greenmarket, Sundays (Broadway btw 114th Sts)
Cortelyou Greenmarket, Sundays (Brooklyn – Cortelyou & Rugby Rds)
Forest Hills Greenmarket, Sunday (Queens- South side of Queens Blvd at 70th Avenue)
Fort Greene Greenmarket, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Washington Pk & Dekalb)
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Flatbush Ave & Prospect Park West)
Greenpoint Greenmarket, Saturdays (Brooklyn – Union btw Driggs & N 12th St)
Inwood Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – Isham St btw Seaman & Cooper)
Jackson Heights Greenmarket, Sundays (Queens- 34th Ave btw 77th & 78th Sts)
St. George Greenmarket, Saturdays (Staten Island – St Marks & Hyatt St)
Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket, Sundays (Manhattan- 14th St Loop & Ave A—in the oval)
Tompkins Square Park Greenmarket, Sundays (Manhattan- 7th St & Ave A)
Tribeca Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – Greenwich St & Chambers)
Tucker Square Greenmarket, Saturdays (Manhattan – 66th St & Columbus)
Union Square Greenmarket, Wednesdays & Fridays (Manhattan – 17th St & Union Square West)
or by contacting the farm at 609.587.9311 or at

Orders taken now until sold out

Pick Up:
Any market you ordered from

Interested in learning more about heritage breed turkeys? Visit

Donate Wisely to Prevent Waste When Helping Storm Victims

November 13, 2012
Posted in Recycling
Photo by Vitaliy Piltser


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers have shown an abundance of compassion toward one another. One unintended result of this generous spirit has been an oversupply of material donations, particularly clothing. Piles of unneeded clothing have created a waste disposal problem in many communities affected by the storm, compounding the challenge of removing the damaged contents of homes. This excess of donations creates a new burden of storing, disposing or transporting items that cannot be used by storm victims, such as summer clothing. An estimated 60% of donations received are unusable and, while well-intentioned, this outpouring of material support has helped to create landfills out of parking lots in these communities.   Before donating supplies, please check which items are specifically needed at relief locations. Rather than donating used items to relief sites, consider bringing them to a charitable resale store, where they can help to raise funds for disaster recovery. For more information on waste-free donations, visit NYC WasteLess. Excess clothing collected for storm victims can instead be dropped for reuse or recycling with GrowNYC’s textile recycling partner, Wearable Collections, at several Greenmarket locations. Wearable Collections has announced that despite losing their fleet of collection trucks from flooding in Red Hook, they will double their monetary return contribution for clothing donations to the charity of your choice. For other items that are still usable, find new homes at one of our upcoming Stop ‘N’ Swaps, a free community reuse and exchange event. One of the best ways to help is to donate money to GrowNYC, the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City or other reputable Sandy-Relief charities.  Cash donations ensure that the right supplies are purchased for those in need and also removes logistical problems such as storage and waste disposal. Blood is also in high demand; find a donation site via The Red Cross. GrowNYC is on the ground providing staff and resources to help the victims of Sandy through collecting and distributing Greenmarket food to community kitchens and other outlets in impacted neighborhoods, helping to redistribute unwanted clothing donations, rebuilding devastated school and community, volunteering at shelters and supply distribution facilities and more. We will continue to work our utmost to provide New Yorkers with programs to reduce their environmental footprint and support our local economy. Please consider donating to GrowNYC or signing up to volunteer.

Hurricane Sandy Relief - Donate-A-Bag

November 7, 2012
Posted in Greenmarket

Donate a bag of market produce to help feed hungry New Yorkers. Donate-A-Bag opportunities are available at the below Greenmarkets through the month of December. Help feed hungry New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy by purchasing an extra bag of produce while you shop and bring it to the Market Information Tent to make a direct donation to a kitchen that is serving hot meals to those in need. So far, Greenmarket customers are donating harvest season items in record numbers in response to the immense need for hunger relief that Sandy created, over 25,000 pounds have found their way to community kitchens, churches, shelters, food pantries and others serving victims of the storm. Volunteers Needed!  We need volunteers to assist with collections for our Donate-A-Bag program. Volunteers will help promote Donate-A-Bag throughout the market and collect items as they get donated. If interested, please email Liz Carollo directly at and specify which market you are interested in. DONATE-A-BAG SCHEDULE Wednesdays, thru December (8am-1pm) Union Square Greenmarket  Saturdays, thru December (8am-1pm) Manhattan Greenmarkets Union Square Greenmarket Brooklyn Greenmarkets Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket McCarren Park Greenmarket Fort Greene Greenmarket 

Compost/Textile Recycling Updates

November 6, 2012
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Does your local Greenmarket feature food scrap collection or textile recycling--or both? Find out below, and see what sites are closed for the season or suspended due to the holidays.

Brooklyn Bay Ridge Greenmarket 3rd Ave & 95th St NO Collection completed for 2012 season
Brooklyn Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket Court & Montague YES - Saturdays, 8am-4:30pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-4pm
Brooklyn Carroll Gardens Greenmarket Carroll St b/t Smith & Court YES - Sundays, 8am-2:30pm YES - Sundays, 8am-1pm
Brooklyn Cortelyou Greenmarket b/t Argyle & Rugby Rds YES - Sundays, 8am-3pm YES - Sundays, 8am-1pm
Brooklyn Ft. Greene Greenmarket Washington Park at DeKalb YES - Saturdays, 8am-3pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-3pm
Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket NW corner of Prospect Park YES - Saturdays, 8am-4pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-3:30pm
Brooklyn McCarren Park Greenmarket Union Ave and Driggs YES - Saturdays, 8am-2pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-2pm
Brooklyn Sunset Park Greenmarket 4th Ave b/t 59th & 60th Sts NO Collection completed for 2012 season
Brooklyn Windsor Terrace - PS 154 Greenmarket PS 154, 11th Ave b/t Sherman & Windsor Pl NO Collection completed for 2012 season
Manhattan 57th St Greenmarket 57th St & 9th Ave YES - Saturdays, 8am-12:30pm thru Dec 22, 2012 YES - Saturdays, 8am-1pm thru Dec 22, 2012
Manhattan 79th St Greenmarket 79th & Columbus NO YES - Sundays, 9am-1pm
Manhattan 82nd St Greenmarket 82nd St b/t 1st & York YES - Saturdays, 9am-2pm YES - Saturdays, 9am-1pm
Manhattan 92nd Street Greenmarket 92nd St & 1st Ave NO YES - Sundays, 9am-1pm thru Dec 23, 2012
Manhattan 97th St Greenmarket W 97th & Columbus YES - Fridays, 8am-2pm NO
Manhattan Abingdon Square Greenmarket W12th St & 8th Ave YES - Saturdays, 8am-1pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-1pm
Manhattan Columbia University Greenmarket Broadway b/t 114th & 115th Sts YES - Sundays, 8am-3pm YES - Sundays, 8am-1pm
Manhattan Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket E 47th St & 2nd Ave YES - Wednesdays, 8am-3pm NO
Manhattan Inwood Greenmarket Isham b/t Seaman & Cooper YES - Saturdays, 8am-3pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-12pm
Manhattan Tompkins Square Greenmarket E 7th St & Ave A YES - Sundays, 8am-4pm YES - Sundays, 8am-1pm
Manhattan Tribeca Greenmarket Greenwich St at Chambers YES - Saturdays, 8am-1:30pm YES - Saturdays, 8am-1pm
Manhattan Tucker Square Greenmarket 66th St & Columbus Ave NO YES - Saturdays, 8am-1pm
Manhattan Union Square Greenmarket YES - Saturdays and Mondays, 8am-4pm suspended Mon 12/24 & 12/31 YES - Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat, 8am-5pm
Queens Jackson Heights Greenmarket 34th Ave b/t 77 & 78 Sts YES - Sundays, 8am-2pm YES - Sundays, 9am-12pm
Queens Socrates Sculpture Park Greenmarket Vernon and Broadway NO Collection completed for 2012 season
Queens Sunnyside Greenmarket Skillman Ave b/t 42 & 43 St NO YES - Saturdays, 9am-12pm thru Dec 22, 2012
Staten Island St. George Greenmarket St. Marks & Hyatt St Collection completed for 2012 season Collection completed for 2012 season
Staten Island Staten Island Mall Greenmarket Richmond Ave entrance (Parking Lot) Collection completed for 2012 season Collection completed for 2012 season

El Jardin del Pueblo grows in East New York

October 15, 2012
Posted in Community Gardens

GrowNYC is proud to announce the completion of El Jardin del Pueblo, a 5,300 square-foot community garden at 2358 Pitkin Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn. El Jardin del Pueblo was originally three vacant lots owned by NYC's Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The community based organization Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation approached HPD with the idea of turning the lot into a temporary hub for community building, urban agriculture, and organic chicken production.

In April, GrowNYC started site work on El Jardin, and brought 50 volunteers from Timberland to the garden for Earth Day 2012. Our Timberland volunteers cleared 2 of the 3 lots, covered the garden with landscape fabric and mulch, built 30 raised garden beds, and installed a 1,000 gallon rainwater harvesting system.

In June, the garden received 25 heirloom chickens, which produce organic eggs that are distributed to the garden's members.

In September, GrowNYC and volunteers from Bank of America cleared the 3rd vacant lot, laying down landscape fabric and mulch, and prepping the site for further development.

In October, GrowNYC and volunteers from Swiss Re developed the 3rd lot, building 5 raised beds, constructing and raising a 200 square foot shade structure, installing a 500 gallon rainwater harvesting system, and building 2 picnic tables.

A huge thanks to all of our volunteers, to NYC HPD, and to Cypress Hills Local Development Corp!

The Gift of Good Rye

October 8, 2012
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Lovers of rye, unite! For those who think rye is just for monster pastrami sandwiches served to tourists at Carnegie Deli, think again. The versatile whole grain played the starring role in every dish of a dinner served in late September as part of the ongoing Rye Bread Project. The project was co-founded by Copenhagen-based chef and regional farming advocate Trine Hahnemann, and is part of a larger movement to reintroduce heritage rye grains to the northeastern U.S. It kicked off two years ago with a similar feast of traditional Nordic, rye-infused recipes. This time around, though, a significant new development was cause for celebration: the generous donation of 24 varieties of heritage rye seeds by the Norwegian-based Svalbard Global Seed Vault - a feat that took Trine these interim two years to accomplish. In the ceremonial capstone of the evening, Trine handed Greenmarket's Regional Grains Director June Russell a burlap satchel containing a symbolic handful of the seeds, grown by Danish farmers, which create a grain superior to the cover crop rye used in the U.S. A much larger donation of these seeds is en route to Agronomist Elizabeth Dyck of OGRIN, who will then distribute them to farmers in the region who will plant them as the beginning of a long-term testing process. What better way to celebrate the symbolic re-introduction of rye to our region than devouring it in a succulent array of forms! The lavish feast was hosted by New Amsterdam Market, and served to some of rye’s most devoted advocates in the market’s historic office at the South Street Seaport. Using local ingredients, Trine transformed the extraordinarily nutritious grain into rye flakes for a cauliflower gratin, pastry for a kale-pine nut tart, the nutty cooked whole grain in a butternut squash salad, and the crumble in a traditional Danish apple dessert featuring layers of homemade applesauce and whipped cream. Completing the table was of course the bread: Trine’s delectable rye focaccia, and the beloved Finnish Ruis bread -- a 100% whole grain, flat, round loaf that has been a fixture of Finnish life since time immemorial -- baked by Simo Kuusisto of Nordic Breads. June Russell, one of several speakers at the event, talked about how far the regional grain movement has come in spurring farmers to once again grow crops like heritage wheat, emmer and spelt -- mainstays in the region during pre-industrial days -- thanks to a growing market for these crops among chefs, bakers, millers, malters, and other grain-focused enterprises. Inexplicably, rye has lagged behind these other crops in the grain resurgence. Until now. With the continued success of the Regional Grains Project, the Rye Bread Project, and other exciting efforts promoting the regional food system, we can expect lots more meals like this in New York’s culinary future!

Into the Night: Presenting the Harlem Pop-Up Greenmarket

October 3, 2012
Posted in Greenmarket

We're proud to announce the Harlem Pop-Up Greenmarket, New York City’s first nighttime farmers market! The market will take place on Thursday, October 11th from 4pm to 9pm at W. 117th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd., and is brought to you by GrowNYC, the Frederick Douglas Boulevard Alliance, and Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer. Fresh and local fruits, vegetables, cheese, wine, flowers, baked goods, and prepared foods from neighborhood restaurants. Visitors will also enjoy live music, refreshments, and a pumpkin patch. Cash, credit/debit, EBT/SNAP benefits accepted. EBT/SNAP benefit customers will receive an extra $2 Health Buck voucher for every $5 spent. Harlem Pop-Up Greenmarket Thursday, October 11, 4 – 9 p.m. W. 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard [map] (on the same site as the Treasure Chest Flea Market)

Greenmarket Producers:

King Ferry Winery – Wine by the glass from Cayuga County, New York Valley Shepherd Creamery – Sheep’s milk cheese, yogurt and gelato from Morris County, New Jersey Hot Bread Kitchen – Multi-ethnic artisan breads and tortillas from New York County, New York Breezy Hill Orchard – Pears, apples, cider and baked goods from Dutchess County, New York Glebocki Farm – Vegetables from Orange County, New York Ronnybrook Dairy Farm – Milk, yogurt, butter and ice cream from Columbia County, New York Nolasco’s Farm – Vegetables, Mexican specialty produce and herbs from Warren County, New Jersey Andrew’s Local Honey – Honey and honey products from Fairfield County, Connecticut Pumpkin Patch sale provided by Nolasco’s Farm.

Harlem Establishments Providing Prepared Foods and Flowers:

Franz James Floral Harlem Shambles Lido 5 and Diamond Harlem Tavern Zoma

Pop Up Greenmarket hosted by Tishman Speyer on Hudson St 9/18 to 9/20

September 17, 2012
Posted in Greenmarket

As part of World Green Building Week 2012, Greenmarket and Tishman Speyer will open a pop-up Greenmarket this Tuesday, September 18th, through Thursday, September 20th at 375 Hudson Street in downtown Manhattan. The 3-day market will be home to regionally grown fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, flowers and baked goods. Access is free and open to the public. One Week Only! Hudson & West Houston St, Manhattan 8am - 5pm Tuesday, September 18 Wednesday, September 19 Thursday, September 20

Farms Attending

Tuesday Migliorelli Farm Vegetables and orchard fruit from Dutchess County, NY Red Jacket Orchards Orchard and small fruit, juices, and preserves from Ontario County, NY Nordic Breads Whole grain rye bread from New York, NY Millport Dairy Cheddar cheese, eggs and meat from Lancaster County, PA Wednesday Migliorelli Farm Vegetables and orchard fruit from Dutchess County, NY Red Jacket Orchards Orchard and small fruit, juices, and preserves from Ontario County, NY Nordic Breads Whole grain rye bread from New York, NY Millport Dairy Cheddar cheese, eggs and meat from Lancaster County, PA Paumanok Vineyards Wine from Suffolk County, NY Katchkie Farm Certified Organic vegetables and value added products from Columbia County, NY Binder Farm Plants from Suffolk County, NY Thursday Red Jacket Orchards Orchard and small fruit, juices, and preserves from Ontario County, NY Nordic Breads Whole grain rye bread from New York, NY Millport Dairy Cheddar cheese, eggs and meat from Lancaster County, PA Paumanok Vineyards Wine from Suffolk County, NY Beth’s Farm Kitchen Jams, preserves, chutneys, and pickled vegetables from Columbia County, NY  

Featured Grow to Learn Garden: Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, & Engineering

September 5, 2012
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Grow to Learn NYC: the Citywide School Gardens Initiative was established in 2010 as a public-private partnership between GrowNYC, The Mayor’s Fund, and several government agency partners. Grow to Learn profiles successful school gardens in their monthly newsletter The School Gardens Beet. The September profile appears below. It was a week before the school year officially began yet Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering (CSS-MSE)’s garden was blooming with activity as students planted pollinator-attracting perennials, filled beds with soil, weeded, added trellis lines to tomato plants, turned the compost, and painted. Abby (13), Ashley (12), and Ariana (11) led me around their garden, expertly identifying their crops and generously offering me tastes along the way. Constructed by students practicing their engineering skills, the raised beds were lined with plastic and chicken wire to dissuade animals from burrowing inside. As we moved on, some unique and colorful structures caught my eye. The garden has two rainwater barrels painted as a chicken and a pig, and a large brightly-painted wooden shed. The front is painted with chalkboard paint where students list their garden to-dos and create temporary works of art. Ashley pointed out the different tools and supplies in the shed, but was particularly proud of the supply of extra work boots in case a student isn’t wearing proper footwear. Abby was also proud to point out the garden’s six compost bins and their contents. Abby’s dad built the garden’s most recent addition: the compost tumbler. Made out of salvaged materials, it includes engineering that will enable them to harvest natural gas from the compost! Using student recipes and ideas, they plan to use the gas for cooking in the garden, an activity that the students enthusiastically lead from prep to feast. What were these students doing in the garden during their summer vacation? Ariana expressed that she likes to plant and “growing different types of plants and vegetables is cool.” Ashley loves the garden, it is “a place for me and my friends to gather while helping the environment and still have fun.” Abby agreed and added that being in the garden “is a chance to get away from the city.” Behind the students’ love for the garden is a dedicated and inspirational teacher, Meredith Hill. Meredith’s goal is to make the garden as student-driven as possible. During the month of June, students participate in an elective course focusing on one topic. Abby and Ashley joined Meredith and 30 other classmates in the garden for a Food and Sustainability course where they learned garden care, compost, raised bed construction, and how to prepare meals using produce from the garden, choosing what to plant and cook. The course culminated in the publication of Fresh!, a student-authored anthology created entirely by the 7th grade Food and Sustainability Class and features some of our favorite GreenThumb school gardeners. Students teach skills that they learn to fellow gardeners and the rest of the school community. From Garden to Café harvest events incorporating garden produce into the menu to collecting food waste for composting, the school gardeners have a big presence during lunch at CSS-MSE. Following a student suggestion, the School Food Director allowed students to harvest, prepare and add fresh veggies to pizza as well as distribute samples of garden produce from tomatoes to kale chips. To keep the students’ interest and excitement—and the garden—maintained, Meredith introduced open garden hours during the summer. Students were able to choose their level of involvement with the garden and it provides a chance for students who were not in her class to dig in and help. CSS-MSE’s gardening successes didn’t come without challenges. After two years of having a rooftop garden, new regulations made them unable to use the space. Meredith explained, “I started looking for spaces elsewhere to garden, and a colleague suggested that I check out this space. The site was indeed overgrown and abandoned. Once we discovered it was a Parks Department property, I contacted GreenThumb and we started the process of registering it as a garden. Crucial to this process was finding interested parents and colleagues who helped make connections and offer support to the garden. We received keys about a year later, in the spring of 2010.” Meredith and her students are so grateful for all the support they have received from GreenThumb and Grow to Learn as they have built and improved their garden. Now that the school year has begun, they will transition some of their beds into colder-weather crops, and hope to extend the growing season, thanks to new row-covers from a recent GreenThumb workshop! They plan to hold leaf raking parties in Morningside Park to stow away lots of brown material for their year of cafeteria compost. Meredith will incorporate the garden into her English class this year as a way to demonstrate how gardening supports the Common Core standards. Students are also enthusiastically planning a GreenThumb composting workshop for this October that will be led by 7th and 8th grade students. Keep a lookout in our October newsletter for the exact date, time, and location.

Textile Recycling at Confucius Plaza a Success

August 28, 2012
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On Sunday, August 12th the GrowNYC crew had their second textile recycling event at Confucius Plaza in as many months. OROE volunteers Nga Yan and Shi Chao came out to lend a hand in diverting over 2,250 lbs from the landfills, bringing the total to over 3 tons of materials in just two days! We’d like to give a special thanks and congratulations to the management and residents of Confucius Plaza for their partnership and enthusiasm. Here's to another successful foray in community supported recycling! GrowNYC currently offers weekly textile collection at 19 Greenmarkets. If you are interested in hosting a one-time textile collection in your community, please contact us at (212) 788-7964.

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