100 Gardens - Marian Heiskell, GrowNYC's "Living Landmark"

September 19, 2017
Marian S. Heiskell (center holding bouquet), along with parents, students, and representatives of the Salvation Army, GrowNYC and the Midtown West School.


Marian S. Heiskell Garden, 315 West 48th Street, completed in 1997.


It’s been almost 50 years since Marian Heiskell accepted Mayor Lindsay’s nomination to become Chair of GrowNYC! A forward-thinking conservationist who didn’t believe “urban environment” was an oxymoron but an opportunity, she worked tirelessly to convince fellow New Yorkers of the same. Since that time, Marian has made countless efforts to preserve New York’s green space, earning the honor of the title “Living Landmark” and a park named after her! Today she serves as Honorary Chairman on the board of GrowNYC.


This fall GrowNYC will build its 100th community garden. To celebrate, we are sharing stories from GrowNYC gardening history! 

But these stories are far from over

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