NYC School Recycling Videos


Meet Rusty, our newest Zero Waste advocate! Join him on a journey to discover where all of our stuff comes from and where it all goes after we throw it away. Watch video.

Sort it Out in 30 Seconds! Use this short clip to remind students how to recycle in the cafeteria. For NYC Schools with organics collection. Watch video.

Where does NYC's trash go? NY Times' Living City presents a great 7 minute video, "Where Does Our Trash Go?" Watch video.

The Green Team Leadership Program at PS 11 in teh Bronx played a central role in teaching their peers about recycling. Original skits were performed and filmed, in part, by students to develop presentation skills.  Watch video.

PS 316 Brooklyn made a fun instructional video for the Organics Collection program. Check out their Green Team's great work! Watch video.

The NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) has a series of great training videos that focus on roles and responsibilities for custodians and SchoolFood staff with regard to recycling and Organics Collection, and how materials should be set out for collection by DSNY. Watch Video.  

P.S. 30 Staten Island’s Assistant Principal on the benefits of a student Green Team. Watch video.

P.S. 22 Staten Island students offer fun recycling tips. Watch video.

Green Team News! Watch as students from Harlem Renaissance High School's Green Team deliver Breaking News on school recycling. Watch video.

P.S. 22 Staten Island students offer their thoughts and original poetry on recycling. Watch video.

Green Grades: NYC Schools Recycle, features M.S. 88 Brooklyn, P.S. 57 Staten Island, and leaders from City agencies. Watch video.

NY1 news segment on how paper is collected and recycled in NYC, featuring Pratt Industries' recycling facility and box factory located on Staten Island. Watch video.

NY1 news segment on how plastic, metal, cartons, and glass are collected and recycled in NYC, featuring Sims Metal Management's recycling facility located in Brooklyn. Watch video.

Take an inside look at the brand new recycling facility in Brooklyn owned and operated by Sims Metal Management. This is where NYC's plastic, metal, cartons, and glass are recycled. Watch video.

The Story of a Bottle. This fun, animated video follows a plastic bottle oncee it has been recycled in NYC. Watch video.

History Channel's "The Works" takes you inside Pratt Industries on Staten Island where paper from Manhattan, Staten Island, and half of Brooklyn is recycled. Watch video.

Fun time-lapse video from the NYC Department of Sanitation of paper being collected and recycled at Pratt Industries. Watch video.

Be Cool, Recycle in School. Filmed at an M.S. 113 classroom in Brooklyn, this fun music video will set the right tone for your students to recycle. Watch video.

Green is the Word. Great for students and staff to watch how schools across NYC are building successful recycling programs. Get ideas for your Green Team and see outreach activities for students. Directed by NYC parent, Pamela French. Watch video.

Recycling Made Simple. These 30 and 60 second videos produced by GrowNYCs Office of Recycling Outreach and Education are great for showing your class or auditorium assembly what's recyclable in NYC schools and at home. Watch video.

R to the E to the Cycle. A recycling anthem for NYC schools, written and performed by former Queens high school student CJ Joseph. This catchy jam will have all of your students singing along while learning the right way to recycle in NYC. Watch video.

Talk about upcyling! Watch as an elementary school transforms over 14,000 milk cartons into a huge model of the Golden Gate Bridge! Watch video.

Recycling and Waste Videos and Films

Bag It: The Movie. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a extensive investigation into plastic and its effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our bodies. This documentary comes with materials for educators, including lesson plans, and service projects for students. Watch video.

Garbage: the Revolution Starts at Home. An average urban family keeps every scrap of garbage they create for three months. He then takes them on a journey to find out where it all goes and what it's doing to the world. Watch video.

The Story of Stuff. These groundbreaking, 20-minute films, use animation and a human narrator to take viewers on a provocative and eye-opening tour of the real costs of our consumer driven culture. Watch video.

Waste Land. Rent or buy this award winning documentary for your class or school assembly. Brooklyn based artist, Vik Muniz, returns to his native Brazil and the world's largest landfill, to tell the remarkable story of those who make their living picking recyclables from the landfill. Watch video.


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