5th Street Slope Children's Garden

626-27 E. 5th Street
East Village, Manhattan
Founded in 1993

Originally, the Earth School used about half of the 5th Street garden space and community residents the other half. The garden became known as the 5th Street Slope Garden because it sloped from west to east. It has been leveled with the addition of organic material. The gardeners have a preliminary design, which calls for a performance stage, a picnic area, planting beds, pathways and grape arbor with a prominent childrens garden surrounded by benches and hardy plant material. The principals, teachers, staff and children from 3 nearby schools (PS 64,Tompkins Square Middle School and the Earth School) will be invited by the gardeners to plan school related programs in the garden, including science learning, theatre, cultural arts and informal education. 



This garden is under the jurisdiction of NYC Parks and supported by GreenThumb, the nation's largest urban gardening program. If you are interested in joining, starting, or supporting a community garden, contact NYC Parks GreenThumb