Greenmarket Location suggestion

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Greenmarket in your neighborhood. While we are always looking for new locations in New York City with heavy foot traffic, room for trucks, and community support, we do receive far more requests than we're able to accomodate. 

We operate Greenmarket in a wide variety of locations in New York City (view our map/schedule here), on wide sidewalks to closed streets, private plazas, parking lots, even inside parks and transportation hubs.

The most desirable sites:

  • are well known,
  • are easily visible and accessible,
  • are in a neighborhood of medium to high density,
  • have significant existing foot traffic,
  • have parking for farmers’ trucks,
  • have a local sponsor (e.g. BID, block association, church, community center, co-op, tenants association) for promotion assistance and on site storage (fliers, a table, a tent, etc), and
  • have sanitary facilities for farmers. 

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