Greenmarket School Tours


Greenmarket school tours introduce the concepts of seasonality, local food and sustainable agriculture to over 5,000 students each year. Tours are grade-level appropriate and involve an exploratory walk through the market, access to seasonal products, and take-home activities and recipes. Our outdoor tours allow students to discover the incredible varieties and flavors of local food while taking part in the lively community of the market. Tours are available at any weekday Greenmarkets and last 45-60 minutes. 


COVID safety precautions:

  • Each participant will have to complete a health screening. If your school requires daily health screenings, confirmation of its completion will suffice; otherwise each student and adult must complete GrowNYC’s health screening.
  • It is expected that most participants will have passed the daily DOE health screening.  Please do not attend the tour if: 
    • You are feeling sick, experiencing or have recently experienced (within the past 48 hours), any symptoms of COVID-19
    • You have knowingly been in close or proximate contact with someone in the past 10 days who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 and you are not fully vaccinated or within 3 months of recovery from a lab-confirmed COVID-19 case
    • You have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days
  • Tours will take place in the outdoor Greenmarkets.
  • Any tour attendees who are not fully vaccinated, including children 12 years and below, will be required to wear masks for the duration of the tour. 
  • Social distancing precautions will be observed (using the new 3ft apart CDC recommendation for children).
  • Groups will meet in large open spaces before walking into the market.
  • All the staff leading the tours are fully vaccinated. 
  • Class representative must maintain contact records for participants in the event of a close contact exposure during the tour. 
Note: COVID-19 safety protocols will be updated as State and City guidelines change.



  • Please visit this site to request a Greenmarket School Tour.
  • We will be booking and confirming tour rquests on a rolling basis. 
  • A reservation email with online payment details and program information, including date & time, will be sent to you with payment instructions.
  • Please be sure to arrange your school bus or alternate transportation.  Here are pick up /drop off sites for all of our markets (scroll to lower half of site).
  • All students attending Greenmarket tours must have a signed waiver form which can be viewed here.
  • Optional: Purchase Greenmarket Bucks (GMB)* for your students.

*Greenmarket Bucks (GMB) Teachers now have the option of ordering Greenmarket Bucks (GMB) for their classes. GMBs are vouchers that can be used to buy fruits and vegetables from any Greenmarket producer. Each voucher is worth $2.00. By giving each student a GMB, you ensure that each child will have a couple of dollars to spend on healthy food at the end of their Greenmarket tour and no student will be left out. GMBs are an optional add-on to your program. Students are always welcome to bring cash to spend in the Greenmarket. Greenmarket educators will give the pre-ordered GMBs to teachers at the conclusion of the tour.

If you are interested in purchasing GMBs, please indicate that at the end of your on-line request form. You may purchase the amount of GMBs you want when you pay for your school tour.

(Please note, the purchase price of $2.30 includes a 15% service fee.)

  • Children who receive free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program are eligible for Pandemic EBT food benefits if their school has been operating with reduced in-person attendance due to COVID-19 during the 2020-21 school year. This includes every student attending public school in NYC as well as many charter & parochial schools. NYC households with children who participated in school remotely or in a hybrid model during the 2020/2021 school year will receive P-EBT.  
  • P-EBT benefits are processed as SNAP and can be used to purchase any SNAP-eligible food products. Customers can use P-EBT at all Greenmarket, Farmstand and Fresh Food Box locations. Customers paying with P-EBT at Farmstand and Greenmarket receive the Health Buck incentive ($2 for $2 up to $10 per day).
  • Students on tours can use their P-EBT benefits to purchase additional market products. 

Class Size (Chaperones must remain with their group at all times.)

  • Each group can contain up to 32 students who usually learn together i.e. in the same class.
  • K-5th: Groups must provide a minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every 5 children. 
  • 6th grade and up: Groups must provide a minimum of 1 adult chaperone for every 10 children. 

Payment Policy

  • *Cost for tours for Non-profit Organizations (NPOs)/ public organizations is $52; the cost for private/independent groups is $152. 
  • Payment is due in full by the date specified in your tour request email.  If payment isn’t received by this time, your tour date will be cancelled, and a rescheduled date cannot be guaranteed.
  • Credit Cards are preferred; checks and purchase order payments accepted only upon email request

*GrowNYC recognizes that the cost of tours may be a hardship for some.  If you feel that the cost is prohibitive for your group, please send us details. We have a very limited budget for free or reduced pricing.

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be made via email by noon on the day prior to your scheduled tour. You will be offered the opportunity to reschedule for another date at the discretion of the Greenmarket Youth Education Coordinator. Payments for cancelled tours that are not rescheduled will not be refunded. (The exception is tours canceled for weather, see below.)
  • All tours are conducted outside. Tours may be cancelled by Greenmarket in the case of inclement weather. If a tour is cancelled due to weather and cannot be rescheduled, payment will be refunded in full. Teachers will be contacted at the contact number provided the morning of your scheduled tour OR feel free to email the Greenmarket Youth Education Coordinator by noon the day prior to your tour in case weather is a foreseen issue. 

Weather Conditions

Generally, tours are held rain or shine but may be cancelled by school officials or Greenmarket Youth Education for weather related reasons. Please encourage children to dress appropriately for outdoor activities.

GrowNYC food access and zero waste programs are currently hiring for multiple seasonal and year-round part-time positions.

  • Food Access & Agriculture

    Our network of Greenmarket farmers markets, Farmstands, and Fresh Food Box sites, coupled with GrowNYC Wholesale, ensures that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, healthiest local food.

  • Zero Waste

    We provide food scrap drop-offs, clothing collections, Stop 'N' Swap® community reuse events, and zero waste trainings to make resource conservation easy for all.

  • Green Space

    We build and rejuvenate community gardens and urban farms in all 5 boroughs, and support even more gardens through volunteer days, technical assistance, school garden grants, & more.

  • Education

    We foster future environmental stewards by providing 66,000 children each year with programs that provide meaningful interactions with the natural environment.