Event Recycling 101


Recycling is now mandatory at all New York City street events.

A Local Law went into effect in February of 2009 in relation to street cleaning and the collection and removal of solid waste and recyclable materials at street events. A copy of the law can be found here. If you have questions please visit the New York City Department of Sanitation website or contact GrowNYC for assistance planning recycling at your event.

GOT AN EVENT? Green it with GrowNYC!

Make GrowNYC your first stop when planning a greener event. Our free services help reduce the environmental footprint of your street festivals and public events through waste reduction and recycling.

From Block Parties, to huge festivals, we've got you covered.

We can help events large and small. In the past few years, we’ve cooperated with events such as the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure, Summer Streets, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and more. Our experience enables us to understand and help you prepare for a variety of problems and solutions before the event. Check out our Event Recycling Services, we can provide a customized plan to meet the needs of your organization. Feel free to also look at our Event Recycling Resource Folder so you can make your event more sustainable.


Our FREE services include:

  • Efficient, budget-friendly recycling and waste prevention plans compliant with NYC street event recycling rules.
  • Training for event maintenance crews and recycling volunteers.
  • Information on composting, electronic waste, and textile recycling services.
  • Recycling bin solutions.
  • Proper recycling signage.
  • Day-of-event staff to provide the public with recycling education and information.
  • Advice on best practices beyond recycling such as green vendor policies, energy conservation, and sustainable promotion.

    Why Green Your Event?
    Over 3,500 events hit the New York City streets every year resulting in dumpsters full of bottles, cups, fliers, food scraps, pallets, and giveaways to be disposed. Events can create a lot of waste, but also provide an opportunity for New Yorkers to learn practices that conserve resources and positively impact public health at home, in the workplace, and in our leisure time.

    • It's what the public wants. Sustainability is not only a trend; it's the mark of a new era. New Yorkers want more sustainable events and opportunities to reduce their own environmental impact. People feel good doing good.
    • Going green saves green. Investing in a sustainability plan can save money by reducing energy and materials costs, as well as preventing fines from non-compliance with event recycling laws.
    • Sustainable events stand out. Environmentally friendly events attract positive media coverage. Sponsors, vendors, and venues want to partner with green events too.


    Call 212-788-7900 ext. 286, or contact our Event Recycling Coordinator here and get started on greening your event!


    While the checkered tablecloth and box of sparklers are critical, the real key to an exceptional Fourth of July celebration is decidedly the food.

    • Greenmarket

      Our network of farmers markets, Youthmarkets, Fresh Food Box pick-ups, and Greenmarket Co. ensures that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, healthiest local food.

    • Recycle

      We blanket the five boroughs with resources like textile and food scrap collection, Stop 'N' Swaps, and free training to make waste reduction easy for all.

    • Garden

      We build and rejuvenate community & school gardens in all 5 boroughs, and support even more gardens through volunteer days, technical assistance, school garden grants, & more.

    • Teach

      We foster future environmental stewards by providing 60,000 children each year with programs that provide meaningful interactions with the natural environment.