Greenmarket Thanksgiving Round Up

November 14, 2011

We've got a lot of stuff happening for Thanksgiving. Here's a quick summary: Greenmarket's Turkey Buying Guide Want to know where to buy a locally-raised turkey for Thanksgiving? Our guide gives you a rundown of farmers, prices, breeds, what Greenmarkets they'll be selling at, and when you can order and pick up your turkey. Read more. Holiday Schedule Changes Greenmarkets and textile recycling are affected by the holiday. Here's our updated schedule. Donate A Bag Our Thanksgiving Donate A Bag program was extremely successful last year, and it's back again this year. Greenmarket is partnering with local food rescue organizations to help feed New York City's hungry men, women, and children. Read more. Thanksgiving Produce Bags at La Marqueta Wholesale Greenmarket will be selling pre-packed bags of fresh, locally grown produce at La Marqueta's Clothing and Textile Recycling Day on Saturday, November 19th. Read more.

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