2022 Holiday Schedule - Greenmarkets, Farmstands, Fresh Food Box, Food Scrap and Clothing Collections

November 7, 2022
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Christmas and New Years are right around the corner and markets are abundant with all of the ingredients you need for delicious meals and celebrations. Some scheduling changes will take place due to the holidays, see below for full schedule. 

Please note, food scrap and clothing collections remain the same for regularly scheduled market days, unless otherwise noted. 

**For farmer/producer attendance, scroll to the bottom of each individual market webpage, updated the morning of each market day.

Wednesday 12/28:  
Bartel-Pritchard Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-2pm 
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
Tribeca Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm (last day of the season)
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 
CLOSED Morris Heights Farmstand
CLOSED Uptown Grand Central Fresh Food Box (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED Chinese-American Planning Council Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Madison Square Park Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED Mott Haven Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Morrisania Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Office of Assemblymember Anderson Food Scrap Drop-Off, QNS

Thursday 12/29:  
Columbia University Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm
Tucker Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
CLOSED East Harlem Health Action Center Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Norwood Farmstand (Also Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED 145th Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED 181st Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MN
CLOSED Crown Heights Franklin Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Prospect Heights Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Wilson Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Kew Gardens Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS
CLOSED Community Access - Davidson Ave Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED BronxWorks Carolyn McLaughlin Community Center Food Scrap Drop-Off, BX

Friday 12/30:
97th Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled)
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm 
CLOSED Crown Heights Farmstand (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED East 96th Street Food Scrap Drop-off, MHTN
CLOSED St. Mary’s Harlem Food Scrap Drop-off, MHTN
CLOSED Fordham Plaza Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED New Roots Community Farm Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Parkchester Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Montefiore Bronx Health Collective Food Scrap Drop-off, BX
CLOSED Cypress Hills Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Flatbush Junction Food Scrap Drop-off, BK
CLOSED Corona Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS
CLOSED College Point Food Scrap Drop-off, QNS

Saturday 12/31: 
Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm
Ft Greene Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-3pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
McCarren Park Greenmarket, BK, open 8am-2pm (Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
St. George Greenmarket, SI, open 8am-1pm (Food Scrap Collection Cancelled) 
82nd Street Greenmarket, MHTN, open 9am-2:30pm
Inwood Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-3pm
Tribeca Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-2pm
Abingdon Square Greenmarket, MHTN, 8am-2pm
Tucker Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-4pm
Union Square Greenmarket, MHTN, open 8am-6pm
CLOSED Sunnyside Greenmarket, QNS, open 8am-2pm (Food Scrap Drop-off OPEN; Clothing Collection Cancelled) 
CLOSED 7th Avenue Sunset Park Greenmarket & FarmstandFood Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Mixteca Fresh Food Box
CLOSED Bed-Stuy Fresh Food Box (Food Scrap Collection open 11am-3pm)
CLOSED Bay Ridge Food Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Kensington Food Scrap Drop-off
CLOSED Ridgewood Food Scrap Drop-off

Sunday 1/1: 
All Greenmarkets, Farmstands, and Fresh Food Box locations closed. No clothing or food scrap collections.

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