Champlain Valley Milling Corporation

Location: Westport, NY
Distributors: Greenmarket Co.

Founded in 1985, family-owned and operated Champlain Valley Milling is the largest certified organic mill in the Northeast. Roller mill, hammer mill, and stone milling capacity provide a variety of flours.


All products are certified organic and sold in 50, 25, 10, and 5 lb. bags.
2 lb. bags for retail available.

Whole Grains
Emmer (farro)

Whole Flour (bran is included)
Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat pastry
Whole rye
Whole spelt
Whole emmer
Whole pumpernickel rye

White Flour (bran has been sifted out)
All purpose

Cracked Grains
Emmer (farro)

Freekeh mix
7 grain and seed mix

On Monday, July 11, we launched the “Oh SNAP!” educational campaign with a live mural painting on a Greenmarket, Co. delivery truck. The “Oh SNAP!” campaign was designed to draw attention to the fact that GrowNYC’s network of Greenmarkets accept electronic benefits cards (EBT) and shoppers can use their SNAP benefits to purchase farm-fresh produce from the region’s mid-sized family farmers.

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