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Sourcing Regional Grain through Wholesale Greenmarket
Mill Eligibility

The criteria for a mills participation are ultimately that they are able to provide "traceability." This means that the mill is willing and able to identify where their grains are coming from and are able to guarantee to consumers that they are truly getting regional grain sourced from Northeast farmers.

More then just traceability though (which is no small thing in itself), the folks on this list are genuine allies in promoting regional grain as their role as processors is key in the link between farm to bakery. All of the millers we work with come to the table frequently with our farmers, bakers and chefs to participate in the ongoing conversation about quality and the characteristics and challenges of local grains.

Click on each mill to find contact information, available grains, distributor information, and a link to the mills website for further information.

Champlain Valley Milling Corporation
Westport, NY
Founded in 1855, family-owned and operated Champlain Valley Milling is the largest organic mill in the Northeast. More info.

Daisy Flour
Lancaster, PA
Daisy Flour, whose logo was first created in 1890, uses a roller mill process to produce certified organic flours at Annville Mill. In production since around 1740, Annville Mill is the oldest continuously operated flour mill in the United States. More info.

Farmer Ground Flour
Trumansburg, NY
As the largest producer of local flour in New York state, Farmer Ground Flour began milling their own local, certified organic grains in 2008, using granite millstones. More info.

North Country Farms
North Country, NY
Bordered by the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Ontario, North Country Farms mills using two granite stones to produce flours and mixes from locally grown grains. More info.

Small Valley Milling
Halifax, PA
Small Valley Milling is a certified organic producer and processor specializing in de-hulling. More info.

Wild Hive Farm and Mill
Clinton Corners, NY
Farmer-Baker Don Lewis first began milling in 2002 for his bakery operation. Specializing in both organic whole grains and flours, Wild Hive Farm uses an Amish-style stone-burr mill and granite grinding stones. More info.