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Regional Grains at Wholesale Greenmarket

Greenmarkets Wholesale Distribution pilot is a resource for wholesale customers looking to source local grains. Through this website, customers can access the market for local grains and discover:

What grains and flours are currently available.
Where buyers can source them.
How you can use regional grains in your bakery or restaurant.

Through our seasonal updates, we will keep you updated about ongoing grain trails, post forecasts for the seasons harvest, and share information on various ways to integrate grains into production at your restaurant or bakery.

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Farm to Bakery

Greenmarket's Wholesale Distribution pilot is the product of a project called Farm to Bakery. Greenmarket, GrowNYC, The New York Industrial Retention Network (NYIRN), the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, and NOFA-NY have teamed up on Farm to Bakery, with goal of developing an upstate-downstate sourcing relationship between New York State growers and millers and New York City bakeries, restaurants and food processors. This project is funded by a grant from the USDA, called the Federal State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP).

In recent years, high grain prices and the need for high value, nutrient rich rotational crops have generated a surge of grower interest in small-scale grain production - particularly wheat - for local and regional buyers. At the same time, expanding interest in locally-grown foods has spurred increasing demand from bakers and chefs for local grains.

In response to this growing demand, long-term grain trials have been underway in New York and New England to identify the best varieties for planting in the region's various microclimates and soils. The purpose of these trials is to develop high-quality flous as well as whole grains with diverse uses, to meet the needs of artisan chefs and bakers.

Greenmarket has taken a leading role in this initiative, working with regional grain growers and millers since 2007, while educating bakers and consumers on the unique varieties and qualities of local grains.