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August 2015

Greenmarket Food Scrap Collections Tops 5 Million Pounds, NYCHA Recycles, Stop 'N' Swap® Reuse Events, NYC Safe Disposal Events, & Electronic and Textile Collections.

July 2015

So Long Styrofoam, Hello New Collections for Food Scraps, Clothing, Harmful Household Products

June 2015

Pop-up Repair, New Seasonal Compost & Textile Sites, Stop 'N' Swap® schedule, E-Waste Recycling, NYC SAFE Events 

May 2015

Sun Sets on Styrofoam in NYC School Cafeterias, More Food Scrap and Textile Collection sites, Help Us Recycle at the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Stop 'N' Swap®, E-Waste Events, Shredfest, & NYPD Document Shredding & E-Waste Collections

April 2015

What about MILK CARTONS, Eletronic Disposal Ban, NYC Organics Collection Expanding, NYC Safe Disposal Events, and more! 

March 2015

What about Harmful Household Products, Seasonal Market Openings, E-Waste Collection, NYPD Document Shredding & E-Waste Recycling, Stop 'N' Swap® & more! 

February 2015

What about SHREDDED PAPER? Shred-a-thon, Digital Being by Taezoo, Stop 'N' Swap®, & NYPD Document Shredding & E-Waste Recycling.

January 2015

Electronics Banned from Curbside, Reycling Tops the list for Apartment Green Amenities, NYC Master Composter Certificate Course,Mulchfest, E-Waste Recycling Events, & Stop 'N' Swaps®

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