T & T Vernon Block Assocation Garden

T & T Vernon Block Assocation Garden

200 Vernon Ave.
Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

This 200 square foot galvanized steel roof and wood shade structure was built to provide shade and a water collection surface. The roof pitches to the center and is collected in a custom made gutter where it is funneled to the storage tank. The water is collected in a 343 gallon green polyethylene tank located on an 14 inch high platform made of 4 X 4s placed on gravel bed. The overflow and winter flow is directed to an ornamental planting at the rear of the garden. Rainwater is filtered using a Rainkeeper Downspout Collection Filter. This system was built by Green Apple Corps members, GreenThumb staff and volunteers under the supervision of GrowNYC staff. Based on an average rainfall of 34 inches during the season from March 1 to Oct 31 and .5 gallons of rain collected per square foot of roof area, we estimate having the potential to collect 3400 gallons for the season from 200 sq ft of roof collecting area.

Inclement weather in the city or in the greater region does affect markets;  markets may close early, or snow-bound farmers may not be able to make it into the city.

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