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Queens Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Queens Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Culinary Kids Garden

30-15 Seagirt Blvd, Far Rockaway A 200 square foot galvanized steel roof and wood shade structure was built to provide shade & a water collection surface. The roof pitches to the center & rainwater is collected in a custom made gutter where it is funneled to the storage tank. The water is collected in a 343 gallon green polyethylene tank located on an 14 inch high platform made of 4 X 4s placed on gravel bed. The overflow & winter flow is directed to a low area at the edge of the garden. This system was built by gardeners members & Green Apple Corps volunteers under the supervision of GrowNYC staff.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Community Garden

117-19 165th Street, Jamaica

Long Island City Roots

50-39 49th Avenue, Long Island City Located at the center of an industrial zone, this garden was built over railroad tracks. Water is collected from a winged shade structure and stored in a 300 gallon tank. The roof is made out of colorful pieces of corrugated plastic. It is pitched downward toward the center where the gutter is located. The garden also serves as a memorial for Michael E. Brenan, one of the firefighters lost on 9/11.

Malcolm X Garden

111-26 Northern Blvd, Elmhurst