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1100 Block Bergen Street Association

1100 Block Bergen Association
1101 & 1105 Bergen Street
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Founded in 1980

The garden provides a warm and peaceful environment for young and old.An oasis in the community, it adds beauty to the surroundings. Mature shade trees and planting beds create an aesthetic feast for the eyes.Vegetable beds in the rear of the garden provide sustenance for the soul. Activities include an autumn back-to-school party, children's workshops and holiday decorations.

Garden photos:

Rainwater Harvesting

1100 Block Bergen Association is one of the first community gardens in NYC to build a rain water harvesting system. It collects from an 800 square foot roof of a nearby house. In 2007 the original 9 barrel arrangement, which held 450 gallons of water (50 gallons each) was replaced with a large 1000 gallon barrel. This is a great example of the versatility and flexibility of rainwater harvesting systems. A twenty feet stretch of underground pipe connects the overflow pipe with the rain garden nearby.