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Product Highlights

By Greenmarket Vendors

The "Baked good highlights" below are part of our ongoing "Bread Is Agriculture" series. 


In its article “The Next Generation of Challah,” about bakers rethinking the classic loaf, the Jewish newspaper The Forward gives shout outs to two of our Greenmarket bakers, Hot Bread Kitchen and Las Delicias, as well as local flour producers Daisy Flour.

Greenmarket Wheat

Key ingredients to Greenmarket Beer: Brewmaster Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery, Barley from Peter Martens, malted barley from Valley Malt.

Rhubarb Pie Success!

Local Pie Makes Good! Daisy Flour's pastry and all purpose flours are unparalleled when it comes to baking pies. We baked one to perfection using Wilklow Orchards rhubarb, Lani's Farm strawberries, and Ronnybrook butter. 

Consider Bardwell Farm's Vermont Cheese Crisps

Baked good highlight #9Oct. 2013 

5th Floor Farm Kitchen's Veggie Turnover

Baked good highlight #8, July 2013 

Hawthorne Valley Farm's Black Forest Rye

Baked good highlight #7, April 2013 

Buon Pane's Focaccia

Baked good highlight #6, Jan. 2013 

Nordic Bread's Finnish Ruis

Baked good highlight #5, Dec. 2012 

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse's Petit Levain, A "White" Bread We Can Love

Baked good highlight #4, Oct. 2012 

Hot Bread Kitchen's Corn Tortillas

Baked good highlight #3, Aug. 2012 

Body and Soul's Emmer and Black Bean Chili Turnover

Baked good highlight #2, July 2012 

Wild Hive Farm's Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuits

Baked good highlight #1, June 2012 

By Our Friends Beyond Greenmarket

Ultimate Whole Wheat

Orwasher's was on the cutting edge of the local grains revivial back in 2009, when NYMag praised their newly unveiled whole wheat loaf, made with hard red spring wheat grown and milled in the Finger Lakes by Farmer Ground Flour.

Spelt is Farro Too

Farro can mean any grain with a hull, including emmer, spelt, barley and einkorn. Nature's Legacy -- formerly Purity Foods -- in Hudson, MI, rocks the spelt and calls it farro, or dinkel (spelt in German) and Epeautre (spelt in French). 

Emmer Beer!

A prototype for things to come… Grown by Joel Steigman of Small Valley Milling, malted at Valley Malt, and brewed by People's Pint. Beer genius Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy's No. 43 in the East Village, says "Hell yeah!" 

Emmer Donuts Anyone? 

Bluebird Grain Farms of Washington State shares their recipe for emmer donuts. Bake ‘em, fry ‘em, eat ‘em!

Long-Fermented Breads for the Gluten-Sensitive Taste 

Our friends at Runner & Stone and Tabor Bread are featured in this Bon Appetit article about bakers reviving the traditional process of long fermentation. GRGP likes to think the flour makes a big difference too.