FARM BEGINNINGS  2014 – 2015

-    Class 1: Clarifying Values and Setting Personal & Farm Goals [Guest speaker- Jorge Carmona from Amantai Farm]
Thursday September 25th – 6-9pm

-    Class 2: Opportunities and Challenges in the N.E and Skills Assessment [Guest speaker- Arian Rivera from Queens County Farm
Thursday October 2nd – 6-9pm

-    Class 3: Shaping Your Farm Enterprises and Developing an Action Plan 
Thursday October 9th – 6-9pm

-     Class 4: Finances Part 1 [Guest speaker- Hector Perez from Jersey Farm Produce]
Thursday October 16th – 6-9pm

-    Farm Trip: Hawthorne Valley Farm & Roxbury Farm Saturday October 25th 10am-4pm

-    Class 5: Finances Part 2 
 Thursday November 6th– 6-9pm

-    Class 6: Introduction to Marketing [Erik Hassert from Sun Fed Beef]
Thursday November 13th – 6-9pm

-    Class 7: Channel Assessment and Market Niches [Eero Ruuttilla from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project]
Thursday November 20th – 6-9pm

-    Class Trip: Schedule Processing [Robin Puskas, chef and recipe developer]

-    Class 8: Access to Capital [Ricardo Avallon from Small Business Solutions]
Thursday December 11th – 6-9pm

-    Class 9: Access to Land [Dakota Miller from Row by Row Farm]
Thursday December 18th – 6-9pm

-    Class 10: Legal business structures, licenses, regulations and insurance [Cari Rincker from Cari Rincker Law]
Thursday January 8th – 6-9pm

-    Presentation Class: Saturday January 10th – 10am – 4pm

On Monday, July 11, we launched the “Oh SNAP!” educational campaign with a live mural painting on a Greenmarket, Co. delivery truck. The “Oh SNAP!” campaign was designed to draw attention to the fact that GrowNYC’s network of Greenmarkets accept electronic benefits cards (EBT) and shoppers can use their SNAP benefits to purchase farm-fresh produce from the region’s mid-sized family farmers.

  • Greenmarket

    Our network of farmers markets, Youthmarkets, Fresh Food Box pick-ups, and Greenmarket Co. ensures that all New Yorkers have access to the freshest, healthiest local food.

  • Recycle

    We blanket the five boroughs with resources like textile and food scrap collection, Stop 'N' Swaps, and free training to make waste reduction easy for all.

  • Garden

    We build and rejuvenate community & school gardens in all 5 boroughs, and support even more gardens through volunteer days, technical assistance, school garden grants, & more.

  • Teach

    We foster future environmental stewards by providing 60,000 children each year with programs that provide meaningful interactions with the natural environment.