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FARM BEGINNINGS  2014 – 2015

-    Class 1: Clarifying Values and Setting Personal & Farm Goals [Guest speaker- Jorge Carmona from Amantai Farm]
Thursday September 25th – 6-9pm

-    Class 2: Opportunities and Challenges in the N.E and Skills Assessment [Guest speaker- Arian Rivera from Queens County Farm
Thursday October 2nd – 6-9pm

-    Class 3: Shaping Your Farm Enterprises and Developing an Action Plan 
Thursday October 9th – 6-9pm

-     Class 4: Finances Part 1 [Guest speaker- Hector Perez from Jersey Farm Produce]
Thursday October 16th – 6-9pm

-    Farm Trip: Hawthorne Valley Farm & Roxbury Farm Saturday October 25th 10am-4pm

-    Class 5: Finances Part 2 
 Thursday November 6th– 6-9pm

-    Class 6: Introduction to Marketing [Erik Hassert from Sun Fed Beef]
Thursday November 13th – 6-9pm

-    Class 7: Channel Assessment and Market Niches [Eero Ruuttilla from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project]
Thursday November 20th – 6-9pm

-    Class Trip: Schedule Processing [Robin Puskas, chef and recipe developer]

-    Class 8: Access to Capital [Ricardo Avallon from Small Business Solutions]
Thursday December 11th – 6-9pm

-    Class 9: Access to Land [Dakota Miller from Row by Row Farm]
Thursday December 18th – 6-9pm

-    Class 10: Legal business structures, licenses, regulations and insurance [Cari Rincker from Cari Rincker Law]
Thursday January 8th – 6-9pm

-    Presentation Class: Saturday January 10th – 10am – 4pm