New Bronx rainwater harvesting systems

Last week GrowNYC completed 2 new rainwater harvesting installations at community gardens in the Bronx River Watershed. Funding was provided by the Bronx River Watershed Initiative.

Belmont Little Farmers

A 500 gallon tank was connected to the downspout of a building with a 600 sq foot roof adjacent to the garden. The installation was completed by GrowNYC staff and members of the GreenApple Corps. A trellis was also built to grow vines to beautify this Bronx Land Trust garden.

River Garden

Located directly on the Bronx River, the River Garden was in need of a new shed, a shade structure and water for irrigation purposes. The new 100 sq foot shed with an attached 100 shade structure provides 200 sq feet of rainfall collection surface. The water is stored in a 305 gallon tank. The system also provides storm water management by diverting rainfall from running directly into the river. The project was completed by GrowNYC staff with the assistance of the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training program of Sustainable South Bronx.