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Annual Report 2013 | Stop ‘N’ Swap

Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Events:
Making Reuse a Habit

stop n swap

Stop N’ Swap® encourages communities to reuse, reduce, and rethink “waste.” We developed Stop ‘N’ Swap® to focus on waste prevention and reuse. We are working to bring them to every community district in the City and to develop metrics to measure the impact these programs have on waste diversion.

Free and open to the public, Stop ‘N’ Swaps are events where items brought by the public are categorized by type and available for the taking: and best of all, you don’t need to bring something to take something. People unload what they no longer need and others come to find new treasures. Stop ‘N’ Swap has become one of our most popular programs, and we now customize events around specific themes like Stop ‘N’ Swaps aimed just at kids featuring low tables, tiny garment racks, and book nook, or our increasingly popular Halloween Costume Swaps.

With expanded funding from the City, we were able to hire two dedicated swap coordinators.  In calendar year 2013 alone, our “Sultans of Swap” have hosted 15 events (and expect to host 10 more), are now weighing incoming materials and are averaging a diversion of over 2,000 pounds per event.

 “It is hard sometimes to find new homes for perfectly usable things and I am truly grateful for someone taking the time and effort organizing an event that is truly wonderful.”-Williamsburg Community Center Swapper 

 Click Here to learn more about Stop “N” Swap