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Annual Report 2013 | How OROE Works: A Grassroots Approach

How OROE Works:
A Grassroots Approach

oroe grass roots 2Our five borough-wide coordinators target community districts lagging in recycling rates to help improve recycling behavior. Through this process, we gain a better understanding of community attitudes toward current recycling rules and programs and lay the groundwork for a focused outreach plan. We include all stakeholders — building managers, superintendents and residents. Our staff identifies specific residences and public buildings that we contact during our outreach and follow-up phases. We are also constantly building a database of elected officials, community leaders, block associations, and other community groups that can help promote recycling and waste reduction in their particular communities.IMG_7293



To date, GrowNYC has worked in 27 community districts throughout the five boroughs; providing direct education and training in over 1,000 buildings, engaging with 900 building superintendents and maintenance staff and 8,500 building residents.

400,000 New Yorkers attended 650 events where staff and volunteers hosted a recycling station complete with our “Recycling Game” where participants test their knowledge of curbside recycling rules. And our other programs ranging from food scrap composting to Stop ‘N’ Swaps blanket the city with free resources to reduce our environmental footprint.

Building Profile: Jamie Towers

IMG_0784 (1)

For the past year, GrowNYC has worked with the Jamie Towers Cooperative Apartments, a 4-building complex with over 600 units in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. We began with a “chute room makeover” on all floors to ensure that recycling areas had the appropriate signage, labeling, bins and bags. We then provided recycling trainings for all maintenance workers and workshops for building residents. With the success of these initiatives, the property has gone from producing two bags of recyclables to a veritable mountain of material recovered for a second life. With our help, the building also established an on-site textile recycling collection and will become one of the first buildings in the Bronx to collect electronics through the city’s e-cycleNYC program

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