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Annual Report 2013 | Goal:

Goal: Help New Yorkers Make New York City the most sustainable and livable city in the world.

goal pageGrowNYC is a resource for any New Yorker who wants to create a healthier city, for themselves, for their neighbors and for the next generation.  We provide opportunities for making sustainable choices and actions a permanent fixture of NYC – textile recycling, building-wide and school-wide recycling programs, healthy eating at the farmers markets, composting, green spaces and gardens, reuse opportunities like Stop ‘N’ Swap events, and much more.

Pairing education with action, New Yorkers can learn about environmental issues—get trained on recycling rules, learn how healthy foods go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, understand why purchasing local foods is good for the environment —and take action to improve their city.

The groundwork has been laid and we’ve made great progress over the past 40 years—in 2014 we’d like to grow our presence in the minds and practices of all New Yorkers and nonprofits—who can look to us as a partner and go-to source. We hope to weave sustainability into every component of city life so that being green is second nature.

More green space, more local food, cleaner air and water- a greener and healthier New York