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GrowNYC Annual Report 2012 | Stop ‘N’ Swap

SNS_33Stop ‘N’ Swap Community Events:
Making Reuse a Habit

Stop ‘N’ Swap encourages communities to reuse, reduce, and rethink “waste.” One of our most popular programs, we are now customizing events around specific themes like swaps aimed just at kids featuring low tables, tiny garment racks, and book nooks, where attending children can revel in the excitement of reuse and our increasingly popular Halloween Costume Swaps where the costumes too small for your kids this year become something for another child to grow into.

Stop ‘N’ Swap invites the public to unload reusable items which can be taken home by others for free, whether or not they have left something in exchange. This year OROE sponsored 13 Stop ‘N’ Swap events in all five boroughs – and is planning more. More than 2,300 New Yorkers scooped up everything from shoes and CDs to tennis rackets and tea cups. While some people come to load up on baby clothes and others just to clean out their closets, many hang around for the satisfaction of watching their old possessions go to a good home. In tough economic times, community swaps allow people in need to save money, keep items out of the landfill, and prevent waste created by producing, packaging, and transporting new things. OROE staff estimates that approximately 85%-90% of the items brought in were taken away. Our goal is to conduct at least one Stop ‘N’ Swap event in each of NYC’s 59 community districts every year.

I wish to thank you and your staff for the successful costume swap last week. Parents are still talking about how thrilled they are with their costumes and how much fun they had.
—Thea Taube, Ottendorfer Public Library