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GrowNYC Annual Report 2012 | How OROE Works: A Grassroots Approach

DSC_6512(1)How OROE Works:
A Grassroots Approach

Every day, across the five boroughs, our recycling outreach coordinators connect with residents in community districts we target. Through this process, we gain a better understanding of local attitudes toward recycling rules and programs and lay the groundwork for a focused outreach plan. Staff identify specific residences and public buildings that will be contacted during the outreach and follow-up phases and builds a database of elected officials, community leaders, block associations, and other community groups that can help promote recycling and waste reduction in their communities, in some cases, partnering on events like free Stop ‘N’ Swaps.


This year has been our best yet!

GrowNYC’s dedicated outreach staff are now working in over half the community districts throughout the five boroughs to increase recycling awareness and participation. Over the past year, staff met with representatives from 70 residential buildings, including meetings with 90 building superintendents and over 1,000 building residents. In addition, staff participated in over 150 community and public events, providing hands-on recycling education and materials on recycling, reuse, waste prevention, and composting. By participating in these public events, 94,000 NYC residents learned about recycling and received resources to make recycling better at home. OROE staff also helped dozens of event sponsors implement recycling plans at street fairs and other outdoor community events where it indirectly reached thousands more. In total, we’ve provided direct face-to-face education to 250,000 New Yorkers. Value added programs help recycling and/or reuse of items not currently recycled under the city’s curbside recycling system. Many of these programs are now being expanded by the City of New York to help achieve Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of doubling the current waste diversion rate to 30% by 2017.


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