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GrowNYC Annual Report 2012 | Greenmarket Co.

Greenmarket Co.

“Buy local” seems to be on everyone’s lips, and direct-to-consumer sales of agricultural products in the U.S. have increased dramatically in the past 10 years. However, in spite of consumers’ growing demand for locally, sustainably produced food, regional food systems often lack the infrastructure and support systems needed to move locally grown food in wholesale volumes to buyers.

Produce_Bays_Pallet_JackIn response, this year GrowNYC launched Greenmarket Co., New York City’s first and only “food hub” dedicated to supporting regional food producers by making their products available to wholesale buyers throughout the city. Currently operating out of City Harvest’s refrigerated warehouse facility in Long Island City, Greenmarket Co. purchases product by the case or bin from mid-sized regional growers, aggregates clients’ orders, and makes deliveries throughout NYC. Our clients include supermarkets, restaurants, specialty grocers, caterers, bodegas, senior centers, non-profit organizations, and our own food access programs in underserved neighborhoods such as Youthmarket farm stands and the Fresh Food Box group buying program. All profits go back into the program and supporting other GrowNYC initiatives.

Since beginning distribution in June 2012, Greenmarket Co. has:

• Developed relationships with 16 wholesale growers and food hubs in New York State, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, including the Rondout Valley Growers’ Association, Upstate Growers and Packers, and participants in the Wholesale Farmers’ Market in the Bronx
• Distributed over 10,000 cases of locally-grown produce to more than 80 customers, including GrowNYC’s own 11 Youthmarket farm stands and 5 Fresh
Food Box programs in underserved neighborhoods
• Developed in-store branding to assist food retailer clients like grocery stores and bodegas distinguish Greenmarket Co. products as local and tell the story behind our products to their customers
• Directly supported Greenmarket’s Regional Grains project by providing distribution services between regional producers of grains and flours and wholesale buyers in NYC

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