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GrowNYC Annual Report 2012 | Overview


This year, we saw a group of New York City youth who are passionate about making a change in the world around them. They learned about water quality and then planted and cared for trees that naturally filter our drinking water. They grew fruits, herbs, and vegetables and then talked to friends, family, and neighbors about the joys and benefits of eating them. They handily deciphered the fine print on food labels and food packaging and became savvy consumers of healthier choices. They came together and devised plans to use more and waste less in their classrooms and cafeterias. They saw and tasted local bounty and talked to farmers who are the very roots of our local food system. Want to meet a passionate environmentalist who will call you out on non sustainable behavior? Talk to a New York City young person who has experienced GrowNYC education. Environmental Education has always been relevant but now it feels urgent to help educate and create a generation capable of the challenges facing our city and planet – we believe we’re doing that.

Click HERE to learn more about Water Education.