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Greetings from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Friends, 

I am pleased to see that year after year, our organization was not content to rest on its laurels but continued to build on its programs, innovate and lead. We develop new programs in response to emerging needs in our city that also compliment our core programs that help local growers deliver fresh food to our City, that grow green spaces in our neighborhoods, that grow young people better educated about environmental issues, and that grow public awareness about conservation and recycling.

GrowNYC integrates protection of the quality of our environment into the fabric of the day to day lives of New Yorkers and does so in a way that is hands-on and face to face and not just expository. You can see for yourself on our website the types of activities in which we engage under the strong leadership of our Executive Director, Marcel Van Ooyen, and GrowNYC’s dedicated staff. I hope you will support our Greenmarkets, visit or volunteer at one of our community gardens, take part in a free Stop ‘N’ Swap event or participate in textile recycling, and otherwise try to make sustainable lifestyle choices that help protect our diverse urban environment for future generations.

Thank you for your support of GrowNYC.

Robert J. Kafin